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Lesson 4 Day 3


  • 1. LLeessssoonn 44 DDaayy 33EElllleenn OOcchhooaa,, AAssttrroonnaauutt

2. QQuueessttiioonn ooff tthhee DDaayy What kind of adventure would you like tohave? Name a real or imaginary character whohas had an incredible adventure. What didthat person do? If I could have an adventure, I would liketo _________ because __________. 3. TTooddaayyss RReeaadd AAlloouudd:: PPaannccaakkeessWhat is the purpose for listening or readinga poem again?I want you to listen and follow along as Iread this poem. 4. TTooddaayyss RReeaadd AAlloouudd:: PPaannccaakkeessHot, fluffy, steaming,Pancakes in a pile.If I dont eat them nowThere will be none left in a while.My little twin sisters,As cute as they can be,Are reaching out already!Will there be any left for me?A stack of delicious pancakes,A tower on a dish.Id eat from twelve to twenty-fourIf I could have my wish. 5. TTooddaayyss RReeaadd AAlloouudd:: PPaannccaakkeess What are the rhyming words in the poem?pile/wile be/me dish/wishT321 6. PPlluurraallss ss,, --eess Remember we make the plurals of mostnouns by adding s to the singular form ofthe noun for example, bat/bats. Also, remember that when the singularform of a word ends with ss, x, ch, or sh,you must add es to the word for example;grass/grasses, watch/watches, orfox/foxes. 7. PPlluurraallss ss,, --eess Say this word: PENNY When penny becomes plural the final y isreplaced by the letter i. Then the esending is added. penny Change y to i penniesT322 8. PPlluurraallss ss,, --eess Lets do some more changing the y to i! baby Change the y to i Then add es babies spy Change the y to i Then add es spies city Change to y to i Then add es citiesTransparency R30 9. PPlluurraallss ss,, --eess Lets do some more changing the y to i! Your Turn! party bully Check your work! parties bullies 10. PPlluurraallss ss,, --eess Look at this word STORIES The letters ies are a clue that this wordcomes from a noun ending with the lettery. The singular form of stories is story. 11. PPlluurraallss ss,, --eess Tell me the singular form of each of these words! buddies skies daises berries fries ladies liliesTransparency R30 12. PPlluurraallss ss,, --eess Check your work! buddies buddy skies sky daises daisy berries berry fries fry ladies lady lilies lilyTransparency R30 13. FFlluueennccyy Open your books to page 122-123!! Im going to read aloud part of EllenOchoa, Astronaut. I will read at aconsistent rate-slow enough to read all ofthe words at the same pace, but not soslow that I lose the meaning of thesentence.T324 14. FFlluueennccyy Now get with your partner and read pages122-123 of Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut toeach other. Remember to begin at areasonable pace and to continue thatreading rate throughout. As one partnerreads, the other partner should raise ahand or a finger whenever the reader isspeeding up or slowing down. 15. LLooccaattee IInnffoorrmmaattiioonn Remember when you use information from abook, they need to list the title, author, publisher,and copyright dates.Index: An index is an alphabetical list found in theback of a book. An index lists topics, people, andplaces mentioned in the book and their pagenumbers. An index is helpful when searching fora certain word or topic in a book. 16. LLooccaattee IInnffoorrmmaattiioonnAldrin, Buzz, 13, 15 Dunbar, Bonnie, 25, 28, 30Armstrong, Neil, 13, 14, 15 Endeavour, 44, 47, 48Collins, Eileen, 35, 38 Foale, Michael, 55, 57Collins, Michael, 23, 26 Glenn, John, 5, 7, 9Columbia, 44, 45, 46 Jemison, Mae, 45, 67, 70Discovery, 55, 56 Ride, Sally, 23, 25, 47As you noticed the index is categorized alphabetically. If you weretrying to find out about Sally Ride, you would look for the wordsRide, Sally. On what pages would you find Sally Ride?Transparency R30a 17. UUssee aa DDiiccttiioonnaarryy A dictionary provides information about manywords. Remember that dictionaries list words inalphabetical order to make words easy to find.Guide words at the tops of the pages help youfin the correct page on which an entry word islisted. The information in an entry includes: How the word is spelled What the word means How the word is pronounced Whether the word is a noun, a verb, or anotherpart of speech 18. UUssee aa DDiiccttiioonnaarryy Doctor (doc ter) Noun .1 a person who treats people when they aresick verb 2. to change something, to change how something looks. Im not sure how to say the word or what it means as I read. I findthe entry word for mound on a page in the dictionary. To see how itspronounced, I look at the word in parentheses. I say mound. I thennotice that mound is a noun. I see that it has two meaningsnumbered 1 and 2. I think about how the word is used in thesentence and check my idea with the two definitions in the dictionaryentry. Mound (maund) Noun 1. a heap of something such as dirt orpotatoes. 2 the raised area in the middle of a baseball diamond,from which the pitcher throws the ball.T326 19. WWhhaattss iinn tthhee NNeewwss?? Whats in the News? is an example of a newsletter. Anewsletter gives information about events in someoneslife or in an organization. Most newsletters have certain features that make themappeal to the reader. These features include: Attention-gathering headlines Photos or other graphics Third-person point of view (using the pronouns he, she,it, they) Strong details Turn your book to page 134! 20. WWhhaattss iinn tthhee NNeewwss?? Name three things-in time order-that thethird grade class did at the JohnsonSpace Center. Who are Jenny Matthews and Juan Ortiz? How do the students know whats forlunch next Thursday?T328 21. CCoonnnneeccttiioonnss TTuurrnn ttoo ppaaggee 113366 Think about the authors purpose in writingEllen Ochoa, Astronaut and the authorspurpose in writing Whats in the News? Howare they alike? Both texts give information about people andevents. Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut is a factualaccount of the life of an astronaut. Whats inthe News? is an account of a visit to a spacecenter. TT- Text to Text Connection Think about the phrase reach for the stars,What does that phrase mean to you? What did you learn about being an astronaut thatyou did not know before? T330 22. CCoonnnneeccttiioonnss Think about the phrase reach for the stars,What does that phrase mean to you? To me, reach for the stars mans that I try toattain whatever goals I might have. TS- Text to Self Connection What did you learn about being an astronaut thatyou did not know before? I did not know that it was so difficult to get intothe astronaut program. TW- Text to the WorldT330 23. BBuuiilldd RRoobbuusstt VVooccaabbuullaarryy Why is it important to persevere through vocabularylessons? Do you always persevere when you are tired? Explain. Does knowing vocabulary give you confidence toexpress your opinion? Why? Would you have enough confidence to climb amountain? Why or why not? Would you rather be ambitious or talented? Explain. Would an ambitious athlete quit running in a race?Explain. 24. BBuuiilldd RRoobbuusstt VVooccaabbuullaarryy What could you do to attain better grades atschool? What is a goal you have set out to attain? What might a talented student do? What do you wish you were talented at? What might hinder you as you ride your bike? How could the weather hinder a space launch?T332 25. BBuuiilldd RRoobbuusstt VVooccaabbuullaarryy For what problem would you like to come up with aninvention? What invention would you not want to be without? What would you say to apply for a job? What would you ask someone who wanted to apply tochild-sit you? Would you be disappointed if you earn As? Would you be disappointed if your team lost? What would you research about space? What parts of a book could you use to begin yourresearch?T333 26. BBiographyTo inform about Ellen Ochoa.BiIf you set your mind to something you can do anything.BiographyBiographyBiography 27. DDOOLL1. The green and blue book are on thetable.2. How many box can you carry! 28. CCoommppoouunndd SSuubbjjeeccttss aannddPPrreeddiiccaatteess A compound predicate has two or moreverbs. The compound verbs are oftenjoined with the words and or or, as in:Lorraine ate and drank quickly and We willwin or lose. 29. CCoommppoouunndd SSuubbjjeeccttss aannddPPrreeddiiccaatteess Ellen Ochoa studied and trained. studied and trained is the compound predicatejoined by the word and. Lets make these two sentences into onesentence. Ellen loved science. Ellen respected science. Ellen loved and respected science.T334 30. WWrriittiinngg:: BBiiooggrraapphhyy Is the story of a real persons life as toldby another person. Begins when the person is born or is veryyoung. Is usually told in time order. Gives dates and place names. Includes facts about what the person hasdone.