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  • 1. Disability Access Route to Education Schools Presentation
  • 2. What is DARE? An admissions scheme which offers college places on reduced points to school leavers with disabilities.
  • 3. What is DARE? Because disability can effect educational attainment at school and progression to higher education.
  • 4. 10/15/12
  • 5. What Colleges Participate? Athlone Institute of Technology Cork Institute of Technology Dublin City University Dublin Institute of Technology Mater Dei Institute of Education National College of Ireland NUI Galway NUI Maynooth Pontifical University, Maynooth Trinity College Dublin University College Cork University College Dublin University of Limerick
  • 6. Who Should Apply? Applicants whose disability had a significant impact on educational performance in school
  • 7. Who Should Apply? Applicants who may not be able to meet the points for their preferred course due to the impact of disability.
  • 8. Who Should Apply? Applicants under 23 years as at 1st January 2014
  • 9. Disabilities eligible for consideration Aspergers Syndrome/Autism
  • 10. Disabilities eligible for consideration ADD/ADHD
  • 11. Disabilities eligible for consideration Blind/Vision Impaired
  • 12. Disabilities eligible for consideration Deaf/Hearing Impaired
  • 13. Disabilities eligible for consideration DCD Dyspraxia/ Dysgraphia
  • 14. Disabilities eligible for consideration Mental Health Conditions
  • 15. Disabilities eligible for consideration Neurological Conditions (Brain Injury, Epilepsy, Speech & Language Disabilities)
  • 16. Disabilities eligible for consideration Significant Ongoing Illness
  • 17. Disabilities eligible for consideration Physical Disability
  • 18. Disabilities eligible for consideration Specific Learning Difficulty (Dyslexia & Dyscalculia)
  • 19. I want to apply to DARE. Whats next? Review DARE Application Guide with your parents or guardians. 10/15/12
  • 20. I want to apply to DARE. Whats next? Complete Section A of the Supplementary Info Form (SIF) and apply to DARE by 1 March 2014.
  • 21. I want to apply to DARE. Whats next? Submit academic reference and evidence of disability to CAO by 1 April 2014. School teacher or Guidance Counsellor or Visiting Teacher AND school principal must complete the form The form MUST BE stamped by school
  • 22. Section C Evidence of Disability Downloaded it, get it completed, signed and stamped by the accepted Medical Consultant/ Specialist and returned to the CAO All applicants must complete this form with the exception of the following: 1. Applicants with specific learning difficulties (SLD) 2. Applicants who have an existing report completed by the accepted Medical Consultant/Specialist.
  • 23. How To Apply, Step 1 You must apply to CAO www.cao.ie by 17:15 on 1st February 2014.
  • 24. How To Apply, Step 2 By the 1st March 2014 complete Section A of the Supplementary Information Form (part of your CAO application). Remember to tick Yes to Question 5 by 17:15 on 1st March 2014.
  • 25. How To Apply, Step 3 By the 1st April 2014. Return the fully completed Second Level Academic Reference (Section B) and Evidence of Disability (Section C) to the CAO by 17:15
  • 26. Four Parts to Supplementary Information Form (SIF)? 1. Section A completed by you by 1st March 2014 2. Supplementary Admissions Routes you must opt-in to DARE by 1st March 2014 by ticking yes to Q.5 3. Section B completed by the school and returned by 1st April 2014 4. Section C completed by the accepted Medical Consultant / Specialist and returned by 1st April 2014
  • 27. How are Applications Screened for Eligibility? To be eligible your disability must have had a significant impact on your educational performance. Eligibility criteria are available on www.accesscollege.ie and the CAO website
  • 28. Next Steps You will be informed of your DARE status in June 2014. If you are disappointed there is an appeals process
  • 29. Common Errors You must indicate that you have a disability/specific learning difficulty on your CAO application form by 1st March 2014
  • 30. Common Errors You must indicate your wish to be considered for DARE by ticking Yes to Question 5 by 1st March 2014
  • 31. Common Errors Documentation not submitted on time. You must return the Second Level Academic Reference (Section B) and Evidence of Disability (Section C) to the CAO by 1st April 2014
  • 32. Common Errors Documentation completed by inappropriate professionals Your Evidence of Disability must be by the accepted medical Consultant/Specialist
  • 33. Documentation out-of-date You must ensure that your Evidence of Disability is completed within the specified timeframe Common Errors
  • 34. Common Errors Forms must be signed & stamped by the accepted Medical Consultant/ Specialist OR signed & accompanied by their business card or headed paper
  • 35. Common Errors Not enough information on reports verifying a disability. Ensure the same detail as the Evidence of Disability Form. Students with SpLD, should download the Acceptable Report for SpLD and Summary Sheet.
  • 36. Supports in College You dont have to be eligible for DARE to get support in college
  • 37. Supports in College A needs assessment is conducted to identify your specific support requirements.
  • 38. Supports in College 1.Orientation Programmes 2.Learning Support 3.Assistive Technology 4.Library Support 5.Exam Support 6.Note-taking/Support Worker 7.Academic Tuition
  • 39. www.accesscollege.ie www.cao.ie DARE Flyers and Application Guides Better Options Events 4th December 2013 NCI DARE & HEAR Application Advice Clinics Nationwide, Saturday 11th January 2014 Individual college websites