Learning Activities Plan - Twitter and Diigo

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  • 1. Masters Action Research 4-Week Scheme of Twitter and Diigo Learning ActivitiesSummary Researcher Action and Resources NeededParticipants Action Assessments/Evaluation18th July22nd July 18th July - Send email oneHow I am going toassess learning andsuccess of each task?Week One ThemeResearcher ActionSend out initial questionnaire, demonstration CompleteResults fromvideos for each tool. Explain about Diigo Questionnaire Questionnairesalerts. Use of #ioct hash tagAbout You and Create Twitter account. Observations ofCreativeAnswer questions and provide technicalFollowresponses toTechnologiessupport if needed @IOCT_DMUMastersinstructionsMonitor and allow requests for membership toCreate Diigo accountMonitor and record extraIntroductions and Diigo group support neededassessment of Subscribe to Creativeprior knowledge Monitor Twitter followers Technologies DiigoArchive Tweet contentOf tools andgroup and set alertsof participants forCreativeRecord data and archive TweetsanalysisTechnologiesResources Demonstration videos for signing up toTest tools for use and using Twitteras a teaching tool Demonstration videos for signing up toto assess priorand using Diigoknowledge of Questionnaire via SurveyGizmostudent group Instructions for Diigo alerts settings

2. Summary Researcher Action and Resources Needed Participants Action Assessments/Evaluation20th July Send email twoAbout You through TwitterThis week Twitter will be asking you to tweetRespond to requests Assessment ofthe following information about you and your for information responses towork.instructions1. Please tell us your name and say whichUse Twitter as a tool for Observations andMasters cohort you are from, your location (in sharing information withmonitoring of levels ofthe world) and your area of interest inresearcher, other participationCreative Technologiesparticipants and wider2, Please tweet three key words that in your IOCT communityMonitor and record extraopinion represent the area of Creative (followers) support neededTechnologies3, Please tell us the single biggest challenge Archive Tweet contentyou face in your work or your learning in theof participants forarea of Creative TechnologiesanalysisPlease tweet your answers to@IOCT_DMUMasters at a convenient time foryou this week.Researcher actionMonitor and archive Tweets.Answer questions/provide technical supportOversee activity 3. Summary Researcher Action and Resources NeededParticipants ActionAssessments/Evaluation22nd July Send email threeAbout you through DiigoPlease use Diigo to bookmark as manyBookmark websites, Assessment ofwebsites as you like that show either:add comments and responses totags instructionsYour own work and any CreativeTechnologies projects that you have beenShowcase own workObservations andinvolved in and share ownmonitoring of levels ofORexperience/interests participationProjects, people or articles that illustrate your with others in groupinterests in Creative Technologies Monitor and record extra support neededPlease add a comment to each site that youbookmark saying why you have chosen to Observation of tagsshare this article/site. usedPlease add tags to the article you are Observation andbookmarking. recording of any unexpected interactionsResearcher actione.g. likes, tags added toProvide technical support if neededother bookmarks, anyMonitor bookmarkscomments added by others.ResourcesList of recommended tagsDemonstration video of Diigo comments 4. Summary Researcher Action and Resources Needed Participants ActionAssessments/Evaluation25th July29th July 25th July Send email 1Week Two ThemeRead an article/look at a website that Make comments andAssessment ofsomeone else has bookmarked in the Diigo notes on websitesresponses togroup. bookmarked by others instructionsInteractionHighlight a short extract/paragraph that Share ideas from Observations andinterest you in the article/site and add a differing perspectives monitoring of levels ofcomment/note of your own to this page.participationEncouragedialogue, debateResearcher action Monitor and record extraand interaction support neededbetween studentsOversee activityProvide technical support if needed Observation ofMonitor comments and notescomments and notesResources Observation andTest tools for useDemonstration video on highlighting and recording of anyin offering notes on Diigounexpected interactionsopportunities forcollaborative Observe responses tolearningInteracting with othersusing tools 5. Summary Researcher Action and Resources NeededParticipants ActionAssessments/Evaluation27th July Send email 2 Assessment of responses toPost a question on Twitter to one of the otherInteraction with other instructionsparticipants (use @ followed by their userparticipantsname) to find out more about their area of Observations andinterest in the Creative Technologies. monitoring of levels of participationResearcher actionProvide technical support if neededMonitor and record extraMonitor questions and answerssupport neededArchive Tweets Observation of questions and answers/ debate29th July Send email 3 Observation andJoining in recording of anyIs it easier to be an artist than it is to be a asynchronous debateunexpected interactionstechnologist? Please debate this on Twitter on given topic Observe responses andResearcher actionInteractions with othersProvide technical support if neededusing toolsModerate debateArchive Tweets 6. SummaryResearcher Action and Resources Needed Participants Action Assessments/Evaluation1st August- 5thAugust 1st Send out email 1August Watch this short video (Different video forUndertake pre set tasks each person).Week Three Theme Bookmark the link to the Diigo group with aPosting to twitter and comment (showing your thoughts on thebookmarking Assessment of video) and tags. Post the link on twitter with a responses toIntersession typecomment about the video. Dont forget to instructionsactivities include #ioct (Different video for each person)Observations andmonitoring of levels of August 3rd Send out email 2participationEncourage furtherlearning and Look at the video link Tweets from the other ExchangingMonitor and record extraengagement participants and re-tweet your favourite tweet information/learningsupport needed(beyond learning with a comment to your own followers.sessions) Archive Tweet content August 3rd Send out email 3of participants foranalysis Post any question to any other participant/s.Open invitation toTest tools for use Answer any questions posted. interact with othersin offeringopportunities forintersession Researcher actionlearning Oversee activity Provide technical support if needed Monitor comments and Archive Tweets 7. SummaryResearcher Action and Resources Needed Participants Action Assessments/Evaluation August 8th Send out email 1Preparing for LiveAssessment of8th August-12th Twitter Chat session on responses toAugust Distribute instructions to set up Tweetdeck in 11th August at 4pminstructions preparation for Live Chat session on 11th August at 4pm.Week Four Theme August 10th Send out email 2Live MastersTwitter Chat and Send out video to be used in preparation for Answering questionsEvaluationslive chat http://www.youtube.com/watch?and providing technical v=j4LrB-jFEgMsupport if needed Send out Twitter Chat guidelines and rulesTest tools for use .in live informationsharing andAugust 12th Send out email 3learning exchange Send out final questionnaire with thanksEvaluating project and Resourcesfeeding backTest tools potential Instructions to set up Tweetdeck Gathering evaluationto collect feedbackGuidelines for Live Twitter Chat and feedbackand provideRules for Live Twitter Chatevaluations 8. SummaryResearcher Action and Resources NeededParticipants ActionAssessments/Evaluation11th August4 4.10pm Theme based chat Rough outline of Moderators Tweets: WelcomeRespond to moderator Archive of Tweet ChatLive Masters Todays chat will use Dave Cormiers promptsTwitter Chat andvideo on Community as curriculum to Assessment ofEvaluations discuss collaboration. Post tweetsresponses to Link to video instructions/prompts Firstly Please introduce yourself, tell us Ask questionsyour location and your area of interest Observations andTest tools for usein Creative Technologies.Answer questions monitoring of levels ofin live information What are your initial thoughts aboutparticipationsharing and David Cormiers video on Community Respond to eachlearning exchange as Curriculum? others responses Observation of What is collaborative learning? questions and answers/debate Why is collaborative learningimportant?Test tools potentialObservation and Name 3 key skills for successfulto collect feedback recording of anyCollaboration. My 3 are x x xand provide unexpected interactionsevaluations What is your experience ofcollaborative learning? Good or bad Observe responses andexperience? Interactions with others Collaboration = Innovation. Agree?using tools Any other recommended resources orinformation to share on the topic ofcollaboration? 9. SummaryResearcher Action and Resources NeededParticipants ActionAssessments/Evaluation11th August 4.10pm 4.20pm Evaluation based chat Rough outline of Moderators Tweets: Respond to moderator Archive of Tweet ChatLive Masters promptsTwitter Chat and How did you find this Twitter Chat? Assessment ofEvaluations Please answer the following questions responses torelating to the twitter/Diigo experiment Answer questions instructions/prompts What was your favourite tool Twitteror Diigo?Provide feedback and Observations andTest tools for use What do you know now that you didnt evaluation materialmonitoring of levels ofin live information know before the Twitter/Diigo participationsharing and experiment?learning exchange What did you find interesting orObservation ofsurprising? questions and answers/ Does the use of Twitter/Diigo solve any debateproblems for you? How?Test tools potentialObservation and How you think that Twitter/Diigo canto collect feedback recording of anyhelp your learning and development?and provide unexpected interactions Will this project change the way youevaluationslearn, network and research?Observe responses andInteractions with othersusing tools