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Learners Don't Color Within the Lines

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Presentation given at mLearnCon 2014, this session challenged the notion that mobile learning is a separate strategy and looked at mobile as a single piece in a greater puzzle.

Text of Learners Don't Color Within the Lines

  • learners dont color within the lines @seanbengry #mLearnCon Copyright 2014 Accenture. All rights reserved.
  • About todays learner
  • What is the capital of Ethiopia? What is the population of Ethiopia? What is the weather forecast of the capital? Who is the president of Ethiopia?
  • If we were sent back with a time machine, even 20 years, and reported to people what we have right now and describe what we were going to get in this device in our pocket wed have this free encyclopedia, and wed have street maps to most of the cities of the world, and wed have box scores in real time and stock quotes and weather reports, PDFs for every manual in the worldYou would simply be declared insane, Kevin Kelly
  • distracted generation?
  • What, Where, Who, When? (wiki, blog, app) How? (wiki, blog, video) Need more? (ask an expert, network) Want to be an expert? (formal education)
  • We are living in a Learner Centric World
  • Why an isolated mLearning strategy may not work
  • The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does. Phil Woosnam
  • We fall into the trap of what we already know. Mobile technology is a disruptor. We need to be a little uncomfortable, and listen to our people.
  • Mobile first may work for website design, but it doesnt work for instructional design
  • We need to be clear on what we mean by mLearning.
  • A Learning Strategy
  • Business Outcome Learner Knowledge and Skills Content Design Tech
  • Reduce Procurement Costs by 5% Explain Total Cost of Ownership Definition of TCO, example of TCO Easy to access, read anywhere Wiki, Video
  • people do not learn like this
  • its more like this
  • Mobile learning will complement and extend skill development and performance within the context of a multi- modality delivery of learning experiences to our clients. Mobile learning is part of our overall strategy.
  • learners dont color within the lines @seanbengry

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