Learn the latest changes in student visa system in uk

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1. Learn the latest changes in Student Visa system in UK Student Visa system in UK has been changed recently, which Cameron says is a part of long term economic plan of the country. The objective of change Cameronsaysthat the Government aims at reducing the number of cases abusing the immigration system. The Government also aims at getting in the bright and the best from all over the world. The aim isto ensure thatBritishdo notan unfairdeal inthe process of promoting immigrants to the country. Significant changes in the points earned A student needs to score at least 40 points, out of which 30 points could be scored if one has an unconditional offer to study in a recognized educational institution in the UK. Another 10 points could be earned by submitting enough documentary evidence that the tuition fee and living cost would not pose any threat to the incumbent student. This would mean that a student will have to prove that he or she has enough monetary resources for maintaining his or her stay in UK while being present here as a student. Other significant changes Any college having more than 10% of bogus students will lose its license. This has been introducedafterrealisingthatsome colleges donothave stringentmeasuresinplace todeal with the issue of fraud students. Colleges will have to ensure that Tier 4stduents, who is allowed to work full time, must attendclasses.Theywouldbe allowed to work during vacations. During term time they can work for as many as 20 hours per week, and not beyond this. English Proficiency level would be higher than it used to be. Experts believe that being proficient in English would lead to a successful stay in UK and improve upon the range of opportunities. Submitting the documents The changessuggestthat no additional documents wouldbe accepted later, so one needs to be careful about submitting all the documents at the time of applying. This would mean that one has to submit the translations, exactly the way they required and also submit the relationship evidence of the person supporting the student financially. Makin an application A margin of 3 months or so should be kept while making an application. When the application gets rejected 2. On beingrejected,anapplicantcan always place a request for Administrative Review, wherein no new information would be entertained. Joining a UK college or University has been a dream for many immigrants. However, with the numberof abusive casesgoingup,the Governmentisquite alert about take-in new Immigrants. UK aims at bringing in best the brightest from all corners of the world, but, at the same time, the Governmentisdeterminedtoensure thatnoone gets an entry by submitting false documents. The tighteningof the rules is evidence and an effort to protect the system form fraudsters abusing the same. Internationals students need to be more alert than they used to be before.


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