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  • 1. Learn 2 Learn . In a rapidly changing and uncertain world learning to learn has to be the most important element of the curriculum Bill Lucas, former Chief Executive of the Campaign for Learning

2. In addition to teaching pupils curriculum content, we can teach them strategies and approaches for more effective learning. Teaching pupils how to learn helps pupils develop transferrable skills which will contribute to lifelong learning. It can help develop positive attitudes to the learning process; it can improve motivation; and it can promote adaptability and flexibility in pupils approaches and create and nurture in them the disposition to reason in a considered and measured way. Alistair Smith Learning to Learn 3. In a nutshell... Being explicit in how learners are learning. Giving opportunities for learners to practise how they are learning. In planning... Add how they will be learningEg- Learning objectiveTo develop forehand skills in tennis How?- a) using demonstration and shadowingAccelerated Learning in the Classroom by Alistair Smith Accelerated Learning in Practice by Alistair Smith The Learning to Learn Toolkit Brin Best 4. L2L at CT Yr 7 QV programme. One 2 hour lesson per week following a rotation of citizenship/RS /numeracy modules. Each with a learning focus So far Learning stylesVAK Smarts-multiple intelligences and how to use preferences to best learn. Group work- learning about how to structure effective group work-roles, cooperative working, steps to success.next Presentation skills - 5. The 5 Rs of Good Learning R esponsibilty ReflectionR easoningR esourcefulnessR esilience 6. Multiple Intelligences- Smarts! 7. 5 Cs of Group Roles C oordinator C ommunicatorC reatorC harterC larifier 8. Groupwork -steps to success Clarify the task Agree the outcome12 Coordinate roles/jobs Create ideasGet started Keep on task communicate34 Finish on time Check progress Evaluate5 9. 1. How to be a great learner Your Brain is more powerful than all of the computers on earth combined! Learn how your brain works and how it can help you to become a great learner.Pupils can benefit from understanding their individual preferred learning styles (particularly Visual/Auditory/Kinetic). Multiple intelligences SMARTS2. Self Manager Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. - Albert Einstein 10. 3. Investigating Learn how to investigate new things independently. This is a hands on activity where you will learn how to investigate through a cycle of planning, development, evaluation and reflection 4. Thinking skills Develop critical thinking skills You will learn how to think creatively by generating and exploring ideas, making original connections. You will look at how to tackle problems finding imaginative solutions 11. 5. TeamworkT.E.A.M = Together everyone achieves more. Take part in fun team activities. Learn how to work together as a team through a series of fun challenges. Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and know how you can contribute effectively within a group situation. 12. What next? For staff to be aware of the Transferrable skills Common language talk to the students about how they are learning!!