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Using avatars to enhance child's experience of the museum and track usage for assessment purposes.

Text of Kidsbridge Museum

  • 1. KidsBridge Museum 2.0

2. Goals Maintain or enhance museums message Update the technology Unify the space and the user experience Allow the experience to continue outside the walls of the museum Record usage data for regular and detailed assessment 3. Kids Create an Avatar Similar to the Mii characters on the Nintendo WiiCreate avatar in the museum, or before via the web in class or at homeAvatar accompanies each kid throughout museum and beyond 4. Avatars in the ExhibitsKids receive a printedpassport with avatar Large installations arereplaced by smaller,multi-function kiosks Avatars are scannedin to each station,giving kids a morepersonalized experience 5. Multi-Purpose, Modular Kiosks controlled from central computerMultiple modes: check in, exhibit mode, check outRecord data for analysis, assessment 6. Leaving the MuseumKids completeassessment, tied to theirpassport ID Kids tell their own stories text, drawings, sound Avatars remain inmuseum, mingling inthe large-screenplayground New visitors can read/hear/view the stories ofavatars in the playground 7. New Web Site Extends KidsBridge experience beyond walls of museumAreas for kids, parents and teachersKids enter passport ID to use avatar throughout site similar to WebKinz 8. Keep Conversation GoingGames and activitiesthat furtherKidsBridge message Online versions ofmuseum installations Ability to highlightcurrent issues notaddressed inmuseum 9. KidsBridge Museum 2.0