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Where do you get your kicks? Where in the world did your shoes come from?

Kicks lesson plan

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Where do you get your kicks?

Where do you get your kicks?Where in the world did your shoes come from?


Youll be needing some shoes to explore the world.First your shoe is the primary source of information for this exercise. Remove a shoe and examine it like an archaeologist. You should find some label telling you where its from.


Chances are, your shoes are from someplace other than the U.S.Youve found out the name of the country your shoes are from, but where is that country? Go to any reliable map site and locate the country and the capitol city. I like itouchmap.com/latlong.html Find the latitude and longitude of the capitol city and save that information for your blog entry.


There is more to the world than maps.You have located where your shoes come from on a map, but do you know anything else about the country? Take a quick look at a reliable website like the CIA World Fact Book, and find something interesting about the country that made your shoes. Keep it simple for your blog entry.


Share your Shoes.. At least the story of your shoes.Now that you know more about where your shoes come from, its time to share your findings. Go to the class blog and list the latitude and longitude coordinates of the capital city and that interesting fact. Post your comments under the Where do you get your kicks? article. Be sure to write in complete sentences and try to offer a positive comment or two on other scholars postings.


Follow Up - Discussion QuestionsWhat about your other clothes? Where do they come from?What is the quality of life for the people who make your stuff?Why doesnt the U.S. make many shoes?Why do U.S. companies manufacture shoes in other countries?What does the U.S. manufacture that might be purchased in the country that made your shoes.