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  • 1. Matt Groening was born on February 15th 1954(Age 60) in the U.S.A He's a great cartoonist, television producer and writer.

2. He is known for being the creator of`The Simpson. He also created a serie Called `Futurama, And he wrote a book called`Life in Hell. WORKS 3. Matt Groening has been nominated for 31 Emmy Awards,given to the best of U.S.A. television.From these nominations he won twelve,ten from`The Simpsonand two from `Futurama. He has also received many other awards. 4. Groening with the Red. the simpson 5. The 1st episode was aired on December 17th 1989. It is an American comedy serie in animation format created by Matt Groening. Its a really good serie. 6. It was created by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen. Futurama was issued on 1 march 28,1999 on Fox.