Jabez brothers

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  1. 1. JabezBrothers
    Enlarge the tent!
  2. 2. For some
    it will be
    a temporary get-away
  3. 3. For some
    it will be
    a second home
  4. 4. For some
    it will be
    a primary residence
  5. 5. For some
    it will be
    a mission opportunity
  6. 6. Jabez
    Our home
  7. 7. Jabez
    Our mission
  8. 8. Jabez
    Our vision
  9. 9. Single
  10. 10. Living
  11. 11. Hes a
    in school or recently graduated and looking to get started in ministry.
  12. 12. Hes a
    high school graduate whos going to go to college, work and serve.
  13. 13. Hes a
    single-again man trying to get a new start with Christ at the center.
  14. 14. Hes a
    semi-retired man alone and looking for a purpose and friends.
  15. 15. Hes a
    military recruit interested in living off base in a Christian, accountable environment
  16. 16. Hes a
    guy who wants to come from time to time for mission projects.
  17. 17. Hes a
    visionary looking for a different lifestyle and a way to make an impact for Christ.
  18. 18. Support and amenities
    Furnished shared home
    Spiritual development
    Utilities and board
    Accessibility to college education
    Assistance in identifying employment
    Planned mission opportunities
    Openness to your mission vision.
    Connection with churches and ministries where you may find a place of service
    Wireless internet
    Rural environment 13 acres
    Spiritual and biblical library
    The opportunity to make connections, learn and grow
  19. 19. Support and amenities
    Storage for times youre away
    Opportunity to save for that special project
    Accountability in a fellowship of brothers
    Usable information and contacts long after youve left residence
    Planning for your future and your ministry
    Full-sized, shared kitchen
    Laundry facilities
    Space for your gardening interests
    Considerable flexibility no long-term lease or commitment. Come and go as the Lord leads.
    Openness always involve family and friends in what youre doing.
  20. 20. Support and amenities
    Lawn, garbage and cleaning of common areas handled
    Participate in decision-making for the group
    Satelite TV
    Off-street parking if you have a car
    A brother on site trained to handle emergencies and keep things working
  21. 21. As Jabez brothers, we are
    Seeking spiritual growth
    Accountable to one another and to God
    Protestant and evangelical
    Missional, jointly carrying out projects that further the Great Commission
    Not active in political causes
    Self-supporting employed, retired or otherwise solvent and not a burden on the other brothers or on society.
    Smoke, alcohol and substance free.
  22. 22. Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory!
    I Chronicles 4:10 NIV
    -a portion of the prayer of Jabez.