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This presentation was given at the 2012 ISTE SIGMS Forum on June 26, 2012. Webpage at


  • 1. Welcome to the SIGMSForum!E x p a n d e d L e a r n in g O p p o r t u n it ie s w it h S o c ia l M e d ia F o r u m h a s h t a g : #s i g m s f o r u m Forum w e bpa g e :h t t p : //s i g m s . i s t e . w i k i s p a c e s . n e t /s i g m s fo r u m 12

2. Social Media Activity #1 Pinterest Jason Epstein 3. Social Media, Learning,and the Critical Role of Librarians Steve Hargadon 4. The Future of Education: Social Media, Learning, andthe Critical Role of Librarians 5. Were goingthrough thebiggestchanges inhuman culturein centuries,maybe ever 6. Liber 1. Book (noun) 2. Free (adjective) Inner bark, paper Contracts, read & write Slave or Free 7. A Tech Shift A Culture Shift An Education Shift 8. To your neighbor:How is educationgoing to change? 9. 10 CULTURE CHANGES 10. 1A CULTURE OFINFORMATION 11. Information Everywhere 12. 2 A CULTURE OFPARTICIPATION 13. Web 2.0 isthe frameworkfor user contributions 14. 3 A CULTURE OF(CO-) CREATION 15. 4A CULTURE OFENGAGEMENT 16. 5A CULTURE OF SHARING 17. 6A MOBILE CULTURE 18. 7A SOCIAL CULTURE 19. Most Populous Countries China - 1,313,973,713India - 1,095,351,995 Facebook 901,000,000+United States 300,176,035Indonesia 245,452,739 Brazil 188,078,227 Pakistan - 165,803,560 Bangladesh - 147,365,352Russia 142,893,540Nigeria - 131,859,731Japan - 127,463,611 20. 8A GLOBAL CULTURE 21. 9A GRASS-ROOTS CULTURE 22. TRADITIONALNEW - SOCIAL Civic^ |Institutional IdeaCommunity |^ Plan| | |MarketPublic |^ Incentivize | | | Participation Personal 23. 10A LONG-TAIL CULTURE 24. A Tech Shift A Culture Shift An Education Shift 25. Honestly, how well are wepreparing students for this world?And, how prepared are we for these changes? 26. What is our newnarrative for education? 27. Liber 1. Book (noun) 2. Free (adjective) Its more than just books now, but its still about freedom. 28. AGENCYto act for oneselfThe learner as agent. 29. How do we educate for Agency?Help UnleashIndividual Energy & Potential 30. Unleashing Human Energy 31. Who is on the frontline of this change? You are. 32. How do we help createand support theLearning Agent? 33. The Learning Agents Action ListForLead Learners 34. 1. (Re-)Discover Your PassionsWhat do you love doing?What do you love learning about? Experience a cognitive revolution 35. 2. Build Your PersonalLearning Network (PLN)Who do you learn from?What tools do you use?What role does Twitterplay? 36. 3. Start Building aPersonal Web Presence(PWP) How do you feel about this?Personal branding =how you help othersAggregate your interests, your ideas, and your profile.Register a domain name. 37. 4. Develop Your Online HabitudesWhat are your emotionalor practical barriers?What can you be modeling for your students? 38. 5. Become a Part of the Conversation Write SomewhereShare SomehowWhere Did You Start? 39. 6. Build, Curate, or Participate in a PassionProjectStart or contribute to a wiki.Start or help build a community. Host a PD workshop orunconference. 40. 7. Ready, Set, Engage 41. Thank You! Steve 42. Social MediaActivity #2 Celly1. Test Start to 23559 to join Celly Jane Lofton2. Text @iste12 to join the cell3. Respond to poll 43. The High School Librarian & Social Media Joquetta Johnson 44. Social Media Activity #3Tricider Marie Slim 45. The Elementary & MiddleSchool Librarian & Social MediaTiffany Whitehead 46. Social Media Activity #4Piclits Peggy George 47. Thanks for coming!