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My ISTE presentation on using Interactive Videos in the Flipped Classroom @ the TechSmith Booth,


<ul><li> 1. Interactivity The Futureof Flipped Classroom VideoGraham Johnson@math_johnsonwww.mathjohnson.comKelowna, BC, Canada</li></ul> <p> 2. My videos were notmeeting the needsof ALL my learners 3. Increase engagement Differentiate the experience Create easier navigation Assess understanding Increase accountability 4. What I included: Table of Contents Additional Resources Different Paths Optional Examples Fast-forward Options Embedded Quiz 5. Table ofContentsIntroduction &amp;InquiryContent Part 1, thenQuestionQuestion is CorrectOptional extension instruction orexamplesQuestion isincorrectAdditional Instruction &amp; ExamplesContent Part 2, thenQuestionQuestion isCorrectQuestion isincorrectAddition Instruction &amp;ExamplesConclusion &amp; EmbeddedQuizAdditionalResorucesFlow-Chart VideoCreation 6. Whats Next Add additional elements? Streamline process! Incorporate inquiry 7. A How to guide. To makingyour own interactive videofrom TechSmith to my video examples:Parent Video (HD)Parent Video (Low D)Lesson Video 8. Graham JohnsonTeacherOkanagan Mission Secondary School (Kelowna, BC, Canada) forget to get your name badge scanned toreceive your ISTE discounts!Tweet your thoughts: #TechISTEFollow us: @TechSmithEDU</p>