iPads in the Inclusive Classroom

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  • iPads in the Inclusive Classroom karla.holt@me.com @karlaholt 1 h"p://bit.ly/1aMTq3A
  • Introductions: Introduce yourself to a learning buddy or two. Discuss: Today will be successful for me if... 2
  • Goals 3 Explore text to speech features and apps Explore apps to show what youknow SETT Process Speech toText Sharing content with and from an iPad Displaying your iPad Accessibility Features
  • Agenda 4 Intros TTS & Accessibility Features on iPad Word Processing & Writing Supports on the iPad Group Activity & Workow (Apps for teaching and learning in the inclusive classroom. Reading Supports & Story Writing Apps Apps for children with diverse needs - Communication, social skills and scheduling apps Grade Level Groupings - Plan and Share Lunch
  • Why the iPad? 5
  • SETT Process 6 What tasks does the student need to be able to do? What tools could assist the student to do those tasks?
  • SETT Process by Dr. Joy Zabala http://www.joyzabala.com 7 S (Student) E (Environment) T (Tasks) T (Tools)
  • 8 Physical Assistive Touch Alternative Access - Bluetooth switches & Switch Accessible Apps (See here for more info: http://www.janefarrall.com/html/resources/ Switch_Accessible_Apps_for_iPad.pdf Vision VoiceOver Zoom Invert Colors (White on Black) Hearing FaceTime Mono Audio Learning Text to Speech (Speak Selection) Guided Access - Locks ipad in an app Built-in Accessibility
  • I want my students to... access texts by using Speech to Text. 9 Speak Selection - Read selected text. Voice Over - Screen Reader; Reads aloud everything; Changes the way you operate your iPad. Voice Dream Lite Free vBookzPDF $4.99
  • Settings>General 10
  • Speak Selection - Built in Text to Speech 11 Scroll down Settings>General>Accessibility
  • Use Speak Selection to read aloud a webpage. 12 Open a webpage with text that you may use with your class. Press and hold on the text until you see the magnifying glass. Drag the blue sliders to select the text then press Speak.
  • Speak Selection - Built in Text to Speech 13 Scroll down To use Speak Selection, go to an email or webpage with text. ! Long-Click (press and hold) on the text, then choose Speak. Settings>General>Accessibility Scan to watch a video on Speak Selection.
  • UsingVoiceOver 14 Tap an item or app (once) - its description will be read aloud. ! Then Double Tap to select the item or app. ! Three ngers to scroll up or down. Settings>General>Accessibility Scan to watch a video on usingVoice Over:
  • Voice Over - Reads aloud Everything 15 Settings>General>Accessibility
  • Voice Over 16 Settings > General > Accessibility > Voice Over InVoice Over, your iPad works differently: Tap an item or app (once) - its description will be read aloud. ! Then Double Tap to select the item or app. ! Three ngers to scroll up or down. Scan to watch a video on usingVoice Over:
  • Text to Speech 17 Voice Dream App: Lite (free) Full ($9.99) vBookz PDF $4.99
  • To get a text into these apps: 18 1. Download theVoice Dream Lite (free) app. ! 2. Upload the text to a webpage (like your class website), dropbox or google drive. ! 3. Use the Open in feature to open the text in that app. !
  • http://goo.gl/MEjcOZ To Download a copy of a digital text:
  • 20 Pro Con Built-in Speak Selection -Works on webpages, emails, notes, pages, some iBooks -Highlights text -Simple and Easy to use -Doesnt work on PDF documents Built-inVoice Over Feature -Works on EVERYTHING (PDFs, iBooks, emails, etc) -Changes the way you operate your iPad. -Can be difcult to navigate the iPad -Takes time to learn the new gestures. VoiceDream Lite (free) -Works on both Word Docs and PDFs that are opened in theVoiceDream App. -Good voices -Highlights text -Does NOT import images. vBookz PDF ($4.99) -Works on PDFs -Allows images -Limited voices -Some text may be mis- aligned with the red box that highlights the text. Text to Speech-The Low Down
  • Accessibility Scavenger Hunt You will need to move around the stations and explore the features that would be most relevant to your context. You may want a QR Code Reader app such as: 21 ScanInigma
  • Invert Colours 22 Settings > General > Accessibility > White on Black (Black on White) LowVision SettingsVideo Tutorial:
  • Zoom 23 Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom > On
  • Zoom 24 Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom > On Once Zoom is on, double tap with three ngers to zoom 200%. ! Double Tap with three ngers to Zoom out. ! Three Finger drag to move around the screen. LowVision SettingsVideo Tutorial:
  • Guided Access 25 Allows you to lock the iPad in one app and control which features are available. Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access
  • Guided Access 26 Scan to watch a video on Guided Access. Once guided access is turned on, go to the app where you want to use it. ! Triple Click the home button. Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access Optional: Circle areas of the screen you want to disable. ! Press Start. You be prompted to set a passcode. To Disable: Triple Click the home button. Enter the passcode. Click end.
  • 27 Speech to Text Siri - Available in iPad 3, iPhone 4S (and higher)and iPad Mini Siri Dictation Key When Siri is on, you will see the dictation microphone key on the keyboard in any application. Press then Talk. Siri will convert your speech to text. Scan to watch a video on Siri andVoice Activation.
  • 28 Assistive Touch Assistive Touch can be used with students who may have physical impairments and may nd traditional gestures difcult to use. Scan to watch a video on Assistive Touch. Settings>General >Assistive Touch>On Touch this icon to perform gestures such as using the home button. Click on Device to adjust volume or take a screenshot.
  • Switch Control -iOS 7 29 Settings>General>Accessibility>Switch Control Scan to watch a video tutorial.
  • How to create a QR Code http://www.qrstuff.com 30 WatchVideo:
  • Accessibility Features 31 What can you use in your classroom context? Record your answers using Todays Meet https://todaysmeet.com/Jan17ipad !
  • I want my students to... use Speech to Text when written output is needed. 33 Siri - iPad 3+, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S+ Dragon Dictation App - Free PaperPort Notes App - Free
  • 34 Speech to Text Siri - Available in iPad 3, iPhone 4S, 5 + and iPad Mini Siri Dictation Key Press then Talk. Siri will convert your speech to text.
  • Google Search App Use the voice search (microphone icon) to conduct a Google search. Combine with Speak Selec/on so students can have the search results read aloud to them. Note: iPad 3 has the microphone icon (Siri) in the keyboard for Speech to Text in any applicaGon. 35
  • Speech to Text-Dragon Dictation 36 Edit text by selecGng the keyboard icon aIer conversion. ! Copy and Paste text into other applicaGons ! Free
  • PaperPort Notes 37 Select the T then click on the page. The Tap & Speak button will be above the keyboard.
  • App Pros Cons Notes Notes (Built- in App) Easy to use. You can set them to sync with your iCloud account. Cannot open word or PDF documents. PaperPort Notes (formerly Noterize) (free) Open PDF les; highlight text, add sGcky notes, typed text and voice recordings to pages. Import images, documents and web content. Share created notes by email, dropbox or google docs. Speech to Text Cannot open Word docs, only PDFs; Becomes unreliable with very large PDFs. Pages (9.99) Open, create and edit Pages and Word documents. Share via email or cloud Price. QuickOfce Free Open, create and edit PowerPoint presentaGons, Word Documents and Excel spreadsheets. Share via email or cloud. Requires Google Account Google Drive App (Free) Links to Google Account . Easy to use. No PowerPoint Other Word Processing Apps 38
  • Speech to Text Not Working? iTalkVoice Recorder App Easy to use voice recorder. Students can record voice and email the sound le (ai le=can be played in iTunes or QuickGme). 39 Free
  • I want my students to... show what they know in creative ways and show their learning to the rest of the class by connecting the projector. 40
  • Tip of the Day... 41
  • Group Activity Use the app task card to complete the activity. Please adapt the learning objective to suit your classroom context. Consider how does this app support learners in your classroom. What else could you use this app for? If you nish early, feel free to explore the other activities. 42 6 Groups
  • Group Task Tool 1 Infomercial Tellagami 2 Annotate &Voice Record Screen Chomp or Doceri 3 Poster PicCollage 4 Video Presentation 30hands Videolicious 5 Slideshow Presentation Haiku Deck 6 Role Play or Mind Map PuppetPals or Popplet Lite
  • Create an Informercial 44 ! Pick one of the communities we are studying. Create a 30 second infomercial persuading others to visit the community. Be sure to include key festivals, traditions and other aspects of the culture. Tellagami (free) 1. Scan the QR code to access images and information about the community. 2. Gather information and save an image for your informercial background. 3. Use the app Tellagami to create your infomercial. India Peru Tunisia Ukraine Grade 3 Social Studies: Students will: 3.1.2 examine the social, cultural and linguistic characteristics that affect quality of life in communities in other parts of the world by exploring and reecting upon the following questions for inquiry: How is identity reected in traditions, celebrations, stories and customs in the communities?
  • Tellagami 45 Preview 1. Choose a background (from Library) 2. Choose a character 3. Choose emotion (optional) 4. Record your voice or add typed text that will be read aloud. 5. Share - Press Save to save the video to your camera roll
  • Grade 9 Science: * investigate and describe evidence of energy transfer and transformation (e.g., mechanical energy transformed into electrical energy, electrical energy transferred through power grids, chemical energy converted to electrical energy and then to light energy in a flashlight, thermal energy converted to electrical energy in a thermocouple) Wind turbine Image Use either Doceri or ScreenChomp to explain how a wind mill or wind turbine produces energy. 1. Find an image or diagram of a wind turbine. You may use the one linked to the QR Code or nd your own image. Save this image to your camera roll. 2. Open Doceri or ScreenChomp and insert the image. Record your voice and/or annotate to explain how it generates energy. 3. In Doceri you can export your video to the camera roll and/or email your video. In ScreenChomp, your video is uploaded to a web address. You can email the link to view from another iPad or computer. 46
  • Doceri New RecordVoice and Screen cast Add image Pens and Drawing tools Undo and redo 47
  • Doceri- To save your video to the Camera Roll Select your recording and drag to the camera roll icon. 48
  • Collage Station 49 ! Pick one of the regions of Alberta. Create a poster that shows images of the region and the key natural resources in that area. 1. Scan the QR Code to access information (and/or images) about the regions of Alberta. 2. Create your poster. 3. Export your collage to the camera roll. Pic Collage Note: You can search for images from inside the PicCollage App. Grade 4 Social Studies: 4.1.2 - examine, critically, the physical geography of Alberta by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions and issues: What are the major geographical and natural vegetation regions, landforms and bodies of water in Alberta (e.g., prairie region, forests, rivers, hoodoos, Rocky Mountains, oil sands)? What are the significant natural resources in Alberta, and where are they located (e.g., mineral deposits, coal, natural gas and oil, forests)?
  • Pic Collage (Free) 50
  • Pic Collage (Free) 51
  • ...