iPads and Mobile Devices in Schools

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This is a presentation from a course I ran on iPads and mobile devices in schools.


  • 1.Giving you the national perspective We run more than 600 course dates across 20 locations throughout England and Wales Over 15,000 delegates will have received our training this year

2. We have a broad range of courses covering everything from Early Years toFurther EducationClassroom Assistants toHead Teachers Numeracy and Literacy to Business Studies and Computer Science 3. Not literally or we would have very big hands!Our trainers have been hand-picked for their dynamic delivery, expert knowledge and pedagogical insight Your trainer today is Matt Britland 4. iPads and Mobile Devices Matt Britland 5. Planning, Implementation and BYOD 6. Making the most of your Budget There are a lot of companies after your money. What should we consider before making a purchase? Does your school have the infrastructure to support multiple devices? Decide what tablets you will buy: iPads? Android devices? Windows RT Which versions? This may depend on how you wish to use them. Are there platform specific apps you want to use? 1:1 or class sets? Talk to other schools. Where did they get theirs from? What was the service like? Did they get discount? Will you pay for device management software or use free software? Do you have an expert in school that can provide training or will you outsource? BYOD 7. Supporting ColleaguesIt is exceptionally important to support members of staff and provide training. If colleagues are not confident and do not see the value of tablets, the initiate could be doomed to fail. Begin with a launch. Make is a big deal. Ask keen members of staff to take part. They can then demonstrate the power of tablets and how they can support teaching and learning. Each department could have tablet 'leaders'. They will be given full training and begin to work with, and support other department members. Provide training material like video tutorials. The person running the initiative can suggest new and exciting apps and way they can be used in departments/ whole school. AUP. 8. Supporting StudentsStudents will also need supporting Training resources Training could be done by members of staff or digital leaders Students will need to buy into mobile devices, just like staff Explain why we will be using iPads Communicate with parents AUP 9. Supporting Colleagues and StudentsTraining Videos 10. Monitor and Evaluation Tablet UseBefore deciding to splash out on a lot of expensive devices you could run a small scale trial. Ask teachers/departments to submit an idea for a project using iPads to support T/L. What are the learning objectives/ outcomes? Create an online (or offline) form for teachers to submit their ideas. Keep track of what dates these projects will run. Create online (or offline) evaluation forms for students and teachers. After each project ask them to complete the forms. Analyse the results from each project and decide whether the trail was a success. 11. Monitor and Evaluation Tablet UseProject Planning Form 12. Monitor and Evaluation Tablet UseTeacher Evaluation Form 13. Monitor and Evaluation Tablet UseStudent Evaluation Form 14. Managing Devices How will you manage your devices? Configurator Meraki o Create profiles o Push apps to devices o Monitor devices inside and outside of school o Add restrictions Profile Manager Mac Server o Create profiles o Push apps to devices o Monitor devices inside of school o Add restrictions 15. Workflow DropBox Edmodo Readdle Documents WebDav InstaShare Google Drive Remote Desktop 16. iPad: The Teachers Tool 17. Planning iDoceo Google Calendar Outlook Apps for your VLE Firefly Frog Google Drive Evernote 18. Lesson Resources Keynote iMovie SnapGuide Book Creator iBooks Author Google Drive NearPod Remote Desktop 19. Collecting Work and Monitoring Progress Email DropBox Edmodo/VLE Showbie Instashare NearPod Socrative iDoceo Numbers 20. Collaboration Google Apps Talkboard Blogs Edmodo Social Media iMovie Book Creator Padlet 21. Mirroring Apple TV Reflector Cables 22. Delivering Engaging Lessons Mirroring App Smashing NearPod A range of activities Use the app/device before the lesson Interactive Learning Variety of resources 23. Apps to Support Teaching and Learning 24. iLife iMovie, Garageband and iPhoto 25. Explain Everything 26. iWorks Keynote, Pages and Numbers 27. SpeakerDJ 28. iBooks/iTunesU 29. World War 2 Timeline 30. Coaches Eye 31. ThingLink/SnapGuide 32. Solar Walk and Essential Skeleton 33. Audio SoundCloud, Audioboo, Croak.it 34. Thank you for completing the evaluation formHere are some lovely words from previous delegates This is the first Osiris course I have attended and I am very impressed. The day went extremely quickly - a sign it was enjoyable and engaging Will definitely book Osiris courses again. Judith Hart, Priesthorpe School What an excellent course, absolutely packed with WOW factor! 10/10. Osiris courses are of the highest standard. Mrs Rachel Ross, Lark Hill Primary School