International Literacy Day : Elearning Trends

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This slide was presented on 2nd preparatory meeting of International Literacy Day 2013. This slide shows the effective way to increase the literacy in every where is e-Learning. In this slide i try to figure out the terms and the history of development. I also show the new trends of e-learning and the factor that make it enlarged. I have also mention about the possible future way of elearning.

Text of International Literacy Day : Elearning Trends

  • 1. 2ndPreparatory Meeting on International Literacy DayTrend of elearningPrakash NeupaneSmart [email protected]

2. Very popular termsTechnology Based LearningElearning elearningE-LearningVirtual LearningOnline Learning Distance LearningUbiquitous Learning Web based LearningTechnology-enhanced learning 3. What Wikipedia Says?Elearningreferstotheuseofelectronicmediaandinformationandcommunicationtechnologies(ICT)ineducation 4. Features of e-Learning AnytimeAnywhere CostEffective BorderLess(GlobalReach) Personalization(Customizable) InteractivityandCollaboration Wheneveryouneed(JustinTimeLearning) 5. History 1728 : Art 1800-1900 : Postal 1920 : First Teaching Machine 1953 : First Televised College 1990-1999 : CBT 1997-1999 : LMS 1999 ++ : web based 6. Why elearning is growing further 7. TrendsMobileComputing 8. Trends..SocialComputing 9. Trends...OpenContentWeb 2.0 10. Trends...Games 11. Trends...OpenContent 12. ImpactOpenContentChildren are going smarter 13. FutureElearning 3.0Governance Policy in ICT in EducationLower CostMore impressive, interactive learning worldOpen content 14. Open ContentA piece of data or content is open if anyone is free to use,reuse, and redistribute it subject only, at most, to therequirement to attribute and/or share-alike.- 15. Reference