Internal colonialism

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Text of Internal colonialism

Patterns of Racial & Ethnic Relations

Patterns of Racial & Ethnic RelationsProfessor Christine Monnier

What are patterns of racial & ethnic relations? Regular ways in which the dominant group treats the subordinate group(s):

Internal ColonialismPatterns of racial / ethnic relations

ColonialismColonialism / External colonialism / Imperialism

Colonizer colonized

Politics / Economy / Culture / Religion

Slavery / Racial oppression / Predatory extraction

ColonialismKing Leopolds Ghost, Adam Hochschild

Internal ColonialismThe control and exploitation of non-white, indigenous groups in the colonized country passes from whites in the home country to white immigrant groups.United StatesSouth American countriesSouth Africa and other post-colonial African countriesHaiti / Caribbean islandsThe end of colonialism end of racism and exploitation

Internal ColonialismCreated by population transfer / expulsionResults in:

SlaverySegregationDiscrimination (individual / institutional)Prejudice and stereotypesViolence (structural and interpersonal)Inequalities over generations even after the main mechanisms of colonialism have legally been eliminated

Split Labor-Market TheoryOne of the consequences of internal colonialism and segregation.Class superimposed on racial categories:Primary labor market for dominant groupSecondary labor market for minoritiesA means of dividing the working class along racial lines.Compounds income / wealth inequality along racial lines.