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INTEGRATE 2016 - Nikki Powley & Stephen Hoops

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DIRECT ONLINE MARKETING Capturing The Moment: Using PPC & SEO To Reach Audiences at the Right TimeJune 4, 2016


The DOM Team:2


About UsExperience. Founded in 2006

Services. Paid search, SEO, social advertising, retargeting, & analytics

Clients. A sampling of clients weve helped include:

4Benefits of working with us!

Dedicated Account Manager

Superior communication with Weekly Reporting

Outstanding Results: Client recently selected for a Google case study (1 of just 4 in the world)

Top 200 Global Google Partner

5Ifs, Buts & CoconutsEarned mediaEmailSearchSocial Media (organic)Social Media (paid)If we had to put all our eggs in one basket to drive demand, which would you choose?Question asked to job applicants by a DOM client

6Search = Intent

72 Types of Results

8DefinitionsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO):Improving Natural/Organic Results

Paid Search Advertising:Using Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

Search Engine Marketing:SEO & Paid SearchMore:

9Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

10How PPC WorksBased on Keywords

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Highly Targeted

Test Everything

Google AdWords, Bing Ads & Yahoo! Gemini

11Why PPC?

SPEED. Ads can be launched immediately

ACTION. You only pay when searchers click on your ads

TARGETING. Target by many factors including day of week, time of day, and geography of the searcher down to the city or neighborhood level

DATA. Receive empirical data on your campaigns. You will know what works and what doesnt

TESTING. All aspects can continually be tested to improve performance

12Being in the MomentMOBILE. The shift to mobile is now

NEAR ME. Keywords targeting near me searches have increased 34X since 2011 and nearly doubled 2014 over 2015

TAILOR MESSAGING. Use location and time of day data to create messages unique to the moment

CREATE A JOURNEY. Screen to screen. Moment to moment. Use retargeting to bring users back



Where Ads Appear

15How Retargeting WorksCreepy.

Cookies or Sessions

Based on User Action

Can Segment by Paths

Pay Per Click

Display & Social Networks


16Why Retargeting?Benefits include:

Sites lose 96%+ of all visitors. Reach those visitors again.

You may receive 500+ ad views for free with each click

Ads can appear on any sites that accept 3rd party networks (90% of publishers), Facebook & Twitter

Control how often ads appear

High conversion rates, low costs

17Search Engine Marketing: How Important is SEO?

18SEO Statistics Worth Noting54% of B2B marketers plan to increase spend on SEO in 2016 (1)72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within 5 miles (2)Google gets over 100 billion searches per month worldwide, more than half of which are on mobile devices (3)(1) Regalix, 2016 | (2) Wordstream, 2015 | (3) Recode, 2015

19What sets apart search from other marketing channels?


20Search is constantly evolving, but intentions remain the same.Transactional Queries - I want to do something.

Informational Queries - I want to learn more about something.

Navigational Queries - I want to go somewhere or visit a specific website.

21Search Users Expect That Results Be:RelevantUsefulTrustworthyFastRecent/Timely

22Perceived Value Through ContentBecause search engines like Google want to provide useful, relevant content to its users, sites must always think about creating content for humans, not robots.

23How does Google judge whether content is relevant or not?

24Authority & LinksSearch engines crawl the web and use their own proprietary algorithms to judge the relevance and trustworthiness of content.

These algorithms are updated on an almost daily basis, but one of the largest factors remains to be backlinks.

25Authority & Links - How It WorksWhat is a backlink? An incoming link from an external site which points to a page on another site.

26Authority & Links - How It WorksThe more backlinks a site has, the more authoritative that site is (theoretically)BUTMore links doesnt always mean better organic search performance.

27Authority & Links - How It WorksQUALITY over QUANTITY

Search engines will try to evaluate the nuances of a sites backlink profile. Trustworthiness of external sites Industry or topical relevance Diversity of domain types (eg. .com, .edu, .gov)

28Links = Authority

29Authority & Links Old School SEOIn the early days of search engines, sites would turn to several blackhat link building tactics in order to manipulate search rankings.

Purchasing links from spammy websites used to be a viable link building strategy.

30Authority & Links Old School SEOIn 2012, Google rolled out the infamous Penguin Update.

This change to the Google algorithm sought to demote or even penalize sites that may have participated in spammy link building practices.

31Authority & Links SEO in a Post-Penguin WorldDespite many sites getting hit hard by the Penguin algorithm update, link building still has the greatest impact on SEO.

Expert search marketers reported that domain-level and page-level link metrics are still the 2 biggest factors which can influence search engine rankings. (1)

(1) Moz Search Engine Ranking Factors, 2015

32Content Marketing & SEO: A Match Made in HeavenOver the past few years, content marketing has begun to play a much larger role.

B2C marketers spend nearly 1/3 of their budgets on content marketing (1)76% of B2B marketers will produce more content than 2015 (2)B2B marketers ranked content creation as the single most effective SEO tactic (3)

(1) Content Marketing Institute, 2015 | (2) Content Marketing Institute, 2016 | (3) Marketing Sherpa, 2013

33Content Marketing & SEO: A Match Made in HeavenCreating relevant content is only half the battle.Some old school link building tactics may no longer work as well as they once did, but content marketing has become one of the most effective link building tactics among SEO experts.

State of Link Building Survey, Moz, 2016

34Content Marketing & SEO: A Match Made in HeavenCreating high quality content is two-fold for SEO.

Providing value to answer user search queries Creating link worthy assets for link building efforts

35Speaking The Language: Keyword ResearchKeyword research is the most critical part of any SEO strategy.Using search volume data will establish a foundation for creating new content and optimizing existing content.

36Leveraging the Power of PPC for SEOTo take it to the next level, running a test paid search campaign for potential keywords can provide valuable context:Sift through keyword variations to find the best onesDiscover which keywords have the most potential for better conversionsFind new, better keyword opportunities

37Search Marketing: Capturing Audiences in the MomentSearch is all about the intent.The moment a search is performed, users are actively looking to solve their questions.

Using search marketing is still the most effective way to reach audiences in those moments where they are most engaged.

The challenge is whether or not your brand or business will step forward and striveto be the answer.

Thank You!800-979-3177