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We have been the inks that were spreading out, with the speed of words on paper 's

INKS.. .

JUNGLE LIO , was detecting something suddenly impressed by the passage, that wrapped him onto the way ..To OBALDIA land of good magic and great human supernatural feelings towards allThe universe which leads one s way up to long everlasting pleasures of the thoughts inThe midst of the brain-mind that pulps and pumps within the body : a heart in one soul .

ZEZANA :who was the hidden protected woman of the fantastic comic-tragedy ,ofHistory in novels in the lights ,and some of mysterious but real characteristics of someOf the greatest and most powerful love story of the creator of reality ,and or of the imagination of life. Indeed in this last longing episode , we have learned every day ,In each moment in joy ,or in the sorrow: the source of some thread-weavers of aTime in an unlimited space of the brain in the body..

The world was ending while another everlasting one remained in the silences of truth ,

Telling on aloud : all the stories out in presence of everything and nothing ..

I N K S in full motions of all the emotions of their own powerful nature of their ever-evenCreating beautifying lives , the world s ends up when at the same time ,in the sane instant :All of their words fall in the waterfalls of all their meanings out..


1-These happenings after the end of the world

2-Click on your last smiling photoposes3- Do do not move but fly4-In the colourful inks of writing

5-I believe in you6-It has happened to you and me the same thing7-Powerfully Ink8-Metamyrphozolio9-Tamirphozalia10-Have they had been finding themselves in the silence ?11-A ciel ouvert ,Opened Skies12-The everlasting Nature of truth13-Into the Inks of Sir INK14-The Mastering greatest cause of life15-The man who changed himself into inks of paper16-How did this story of the world began to be ending that way17-The evergreens blue-sapphire 18-Jupitario s 'unity19-From the invisible to the visible self-forming bodies20-In the fascinating adventures of Inkman21-Inkwoman22-Out from the universal reminders23-Remedy24-The angel-Bird and the develish vampire25-The infinite love26-Mad ink remex27-The collective justifier28-A spaciousness in consciousness29-Into the invincible parts of the body30-INKS


How would our life ,should have began with? How much has she 's been doing to be ending this way today?

Jungolio has suddenly replied to Ink:

_:these things that has been done this way or that way ,did not prevent or stopthem to think and do :to fill in the water with an ink that has been made for them

from the water of the soul 's coloring ink of the body .


Jungolio was the type of character that could easily represent by his consistent

fair presence amongst a world that he has been thinking about it this way out

to a Star -tracking passage wherein all the peoples features and characterswere potentially being reflected by an invisible presence that could certainlyhave been formed and drawn out in the writing InK of a paradise in heavens,because for Jungolio:the Existence .. Becomes .. The Life!And life the presence ..Of one light,in one day ,in one night.sincealways that during a lifetime ,i have been with you..A child in growth with the world..Out..


For whatsoever we had been facing onto our way back home to OBALDIA:For multiple years through the centuries 's refrains of an aquatint that theObaldians :the residents of a productive substance made up with thefeathers of an up growing wing of a bird that was taking us away with allour thoughts and choices with Jungolio and with Zezana the eternal navigators ofa long-life time to fill up our way up to the ultimate picks of :Freedom mountains ofone world 's painting nature in the natural physical portrait of jungolio 's

human right eye turning around itself like the sun ,moons in the orbitng stars..That have changed into the left upper sides of jungolio visions of all one 's landsites ..With millions of days ago,are gone now into our virtually integrating andpenetrating eyes by the begining of a day until the nights 's ending way..

We were filling up these empty spaces of an invisible but touching mind few moments of a thinking thought that from which without any doubts ,

is indeed in the certitude that we have been fullfiling up our way to Obaldia :a land that some people in the uiverse seemed to be missing on theiron the broad and wide roadway to survivals whom were fighthing to escapethe fear , or out from unjustice .. Just because the calmness of peace in the silence ,

inspired the meditation ,contemplation .. That assuredly completes , as a skin esthetic -physician ,dregs of some magical ideas infused with Jungolio Ink of all the marvels of being .


_: So and so!_...They were all saying while they were listening to their talkings ..That were exchanging all the languages expressive Masks ,in Obaldia..Of happiness orangerness.when the written inks of their fate in destiny ,was filling ,in emptiying out all ,

all of the weaving feelings that : let me create that ink substance which is made ,of blue-green sapphire and a remex feather of a bird from the earths and the skies ofObaldia :in the land wherefrom Jungolio could be identified and recognized byhis ultra-supersonic characteristic features ,mixing up with the other residents of

Obaldia 'sunny winters in the coolest and warmestin-bodies Jungolio ink with all the others ,from the source world landof the universe.

Into my aquaink everything great was possible to be realized with Jongolio 's INK,assumingthat all the writing inks in a chosen destiny 's life ,were being calibered to assure ,that the role of Jungolio during a lifetime was controled enough to let Jungoliothe right to write his own strategic way to realize what his willing mind pushed him

forward to be stepping closer to the real place that he has belonged to since the first dayof his existence with Obaldia 'presence of human consciousness.

In fair contrast by an angel , in a steady and stunt appearence,murmured on still: the sacred song of his life .

Despite the powerful characterictics of Obaldia's city land surounded by the sensingcold and warm atmospheres that were being mixed up with in the feelings of a human kind,

towards these stunt men and the stunt women whom were in fact ,playing on the roles

that made by the supranatural kind of nature ,that takes someone ,or something into the deepest reason of being and not being at the same times..The primary reason,whichin reality , let you choose , or not the riming speeches with freedom .

That within myself and within the others , becoming real , placed me somewhere in this world as an author 's implementations,out from the wildest jungles of misfortune.

I realized that day ,in the contemporary century ,of the 20 th Era,

and Area of Obaldia 's lands ,that there is .. In the presence of Jungolio and Zezana : peoples

of great interests ,and dwellers of a great importance to be with,although that angel-bird is still in existence and struggles with a vampire of develish kind ,but not in the nature 's original powerful type in its ever-greens everlasting creations ,by the inks of its Author.


:_As a matter of all facts , their has been a certain natural life that do you kinowParypary Zezana from The Obaldia ,that life could have been made of four different dimensions,

in an incredible story of some microscopic giants in Pyrapary hometown ,thatis being situated and is being placed into many poles in the centered angles in freeaxes ,parallels !_

Their real imaginings did not appear to be coming up from a specific location ,neither it was elsewhere nor that it was just a great matter of time ,

when the right dialogues would open up one the most precious door-gate and passage .To be able to see it as it has been done millions of years ago ..When suddenlyJungolio jumped into my book of letters stop my writing speech , piched upwith my voice and music as an ink that seemed and was appearing forus to be the write meanings of words , but still theself -battles of one 's mind with the other dwellers of the earth and sky , the skies and earths ,were being made and written in an inked light by ...

:_Stop it ,enough said the one man and the one woman whom were standing up

in the crowds of a country called :freedom.._

Jungolio and i were day after day , minute after minute being aware of the fatal dangers ..

That would prevent us all to tell the story which indeed was taking the shape and the dimensions of these past few decades of great men and women 'achievements .in the lands of a world that today is set up always to be here in the full presenceof the Continents monumental unity ...!-_Zezana from Pirapary took at once an atmospheric attitude that made her look alikethe bigest giants in ocean seas ,that in spite of everything and of all ..remained in the silences ,pausing or opposing the smallest world ,in fair contrasts of all the light out of which one God ..Is being always intothe mastermind Creations ..From its soul..

_:Enough he said you are going to burn all the story ..Lines and verse that are still sacred , of a language that only his world here or there could understand ..

That he is simplifying his language of all of the life ..That he gives ,or takes away by his reasons to be ..The heart flowing beating up source of all the energy ..

of being the inks of survivals!

_:Stop it!_ tells the man sitting beside ..And from