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Abinaya Jayapraksh - project on Imran Ahmad underwater photographer

Text of Imran ahmad by abinaya prakash

  • UNDER WATER PHOTOGRAPHER Project done by: Abinaya Jayapraksh
  • Introduction Imran Ahmads images arouse a sense of curiosity or interest on the viewers towards them. His pictures looks like they are mischievously crafted giving the audience the accurate mood of that moment that he had in mind while clicking the picture. His pictures are very creative.
  • About his career Singapore based Nikon Professional Photographer and Film Lecturer at SAE Institute. Conducting photo workshops and seminars at various dives shows around Singapore His photos exhibited at DEEP Indonesia (Jakarta) and MIDE Malaysia ( Kuala Lumpur). His works were published in Asian Diver, Scuba Diver Australasia, Berita Harian, EZDive, Sport Diving Australia, Sport Diving & Scuba Diver He has been a photo judge on several occasions including the recent Nikon BigShot 1 & 2 photo competition in Singapore. Freelance Photographer at Getty Images. Media Trainer at Singapore Media Academy.
  • Skills and expertise Editorial Photography, Travel Photography, Digital Photography, Lightroom, Video Editing, Camera , Video Production, Film, Image Editing, Documentaries, Photojournalism , Studio Lighting, Post Production, Magazines, Art, Cinematography, Underwater Photography, Sports Photography, Portrait Photography, Event Photography, Commercial Photography, Fine Art Photography, Fashion Photography, Architectural Photography
  • Interests Imran Ahmads interests are Underwater photography, wildlife & Travel Photography and people photography but he is most famous for his underwater photography. His specialty is that There is no choreographing in underwater photography.
  • Famous for He is famous for Dutch Tilt technique. His photography speaks what he tries to convey. Even the things we see in our life looks beautiful through his eyes like we have not seen before. This picture really made me stare at it for hours. Its a clear Dutch angle which gives us a feeling that we are inside the water looking up for the sky
  • Some of his shots
  • His contribution to the field In 2012, Imran was elected as the President on the newly formed South East Asia Society of Underwater Photographers. As a president of SEASOUP, he aspires to promote underwater photography in all aspects, both as a form of art and also as a memory by recording the underwater observations.
  • Social interests His work was exhibited in Ocean Artists Society, a unique alliance of some of the world's top artists around the world working together through ocean art. His photography's were to inspire people around the world to develop an awareness towards marine life and of our need to preserve our natural world. WITHIN YOU
  • His style His style of photography & cinematography is a lot about anticipating a subjects movement and body language. His under water photography are mostly natural and not choreographed. He just captures the art of actions that unfold before his eyes at the exact fraction of second which immediately vanishes.
  • Special techniques A lot of his underwater photography add a wonderful beauty to it by playing with the lightings that are available underwater and the reflections on the subject or water or the floor. His specialty is Dutch angle Technique. The colours in his photography are eye catching and aesthetically attractive.
  • Uniqueness He let his lens speak for him. Through his journey of photography he captures the faction of the second which looks artistic through his eyes. Through his images we can feel the physical presence of our soul with him as he dives and capture images of the realm to share with us and his passion for the ocean. Even a normal subjects looks appealing through his artistic eyes like we have never seen before.
  • Challenges in underwater photography Very expensive Risky The environment: moisture, difficult to arrange props, mobile subjects and visibility. Difficulty in breathing Depth ,pressure and time. lighting
  • My inspiration I personally feel that underwater photography and wildlife photography are really interesting. And I find Imran Ahmad to be really inspiring. I would like to explore Dutch angle and the composition of the image. Even though his pictures are underwater his lighting are so perfect and the pictures are so colourful and inspires me a lot.
  • Underwater photography by Imran Ahmad bin Rayat Ahmad
  • Within you This is one of his favorite and epic photograph. The picture is divided into 3 parts. The fore ground, background and the reflection in between. The picture is asymmetrical and the point of interest is on the girl who is placed approximately at the center of the frame but in the fore ground to have the main focus. The picture have warm colour tone which gives the viewers the coolness of the ocean.
  • Indian ocean He used Dutch angle. Through this picture we could feel the presence of being into the picture. We could see the fore ground and the background are cut diagonally .
  • Alive Very artistic cool colour tone. The Dutch angle he used helps the picture to have an interesting point of focus on the jelly fish. The picture has depth of field where the jelly fish is in the main focus.
  • FOUND NEMO Monochromatic colour tone of a close up. The picture has contrasting colour tone and he has used shallow depth of field
  • Quantum Physics The picture has a monochromatic colour tone with shallow depth of focus.
  • Model photography This photograph is highly contrasting and it is deeply focused where by the texture formed by the ripples are very clear and the refection of the sun making the whole image light bright.
  • Thank you