Improving Student Writing Using iPads

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Slides for a series of hands-on iPad workshops by Dr. Wesley Fryer with elementary teachers in Lewisville, Texas, January 23-24, 2014. Learn more on:


  • 1.Improving Student Writing Using iPads by Wesley Fryer, Ph.D. 22-23 Jan 2014 Lewisville,

2. Please install these FREE iPad apps! KidBlogAudioBoo 3. Referenced Resources Today Are 4. documenting our learning practicing communication 5. Remember Saturday Morning Cartoons? 6. 7. 8. Inspireyou to CREATE with your students Equip you to start using interactive writing! & narrated art projects with students Persuade you to OPENLY SHARE student work 9. 10. sadly many adults just see devices 11. see iPads as...imagination! machines to! creativity 12. by @bradickinger 13. Expand your classroom MENU! of how students show what they know & 14. 15. discounted copies of my latest! eBook for todays! attendees99 9.$$14.99! (June 2013) 16. the importance of relationships at school 17. I know from watching and listening all over the country in schools and in workshops, however, that many educators have become less creative, more timid and unimaginative, and have indeed lost pride in their work in the face of how heavy-handed the states have been in promulgating this retro and harmful accountability. Why is not the state responsible for ensuring that the incentives are right and the resources are available to do the work well? States should have to be accountable for how local leaders interpre their mandates. But states wash their hands of the problem of change; they merely issue mandates. So, teachers become brow-beaten by scores, encouraged to do test prep, and in general, down the authority line, to teach worse rather than better somehow in the name of standards. 18. too many people today believe in the power of TECHNOLOGY & TESTING rather than the power of WORDS & PASSIONATE 19. If you just buy this...your test! scores will! look like this: 20. larrycuban.wordpress.comDr. Larry Cuban (2003) 21. research on improving literacy skills? www.marzanoresearch.comIdentifying Similarities & Differences! Summarizing & Note-Taking! Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition Homework & Practice! Nonlinguistic Representation! Cooperative Learning! Setting Objectives & Providing Feedback! Generating & Testing Hypotheses! Questions, Cues, & Advance Organizerstime on task http://web2thatworks.comparent involvement by Stephanie Sandifer @ssandifer 22. re-draw the! map for! digital literacy 23. is intrinsically valuable 24. what will! we create! today?2001 revision of Bloom's Taxonomy 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Field! Trip! 25, 2013 31. 32. 33. Workow:iOS or! Android! with! camera+ (free) 34. closing 35. 36. can be bridges 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. Create ENHANCED eBooks on iOS (record your voice)Book Creator for iPad Book Builderhttp://getcreativebookbuilder.blogspot.com 43. Epiphany: student! agency! &! voice 44. students to discover their VOICE! and the POWER of their WORDS 45. Mapping Media to the Common Core (with iPads) Wesley Fryer, Ph.D.14 Sep 2013 Classroom 2.0 Live!