Implementing analytics - Myles Danson, Shri Footring, David Matthews, James Foster

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Implementing analyticsLearning Analytics and Business Intelligence</p> <p>24/06/20162Title of presentation (Insert &gt; Header &amp; Footer &gt; Notes and Handouts &gt; Header &gt; Apply to all)</p> <p>Session outlineOverview of the Learning Analytics service The user voiceOverview of the Business Intelligence projectThe user voiceGroup exercise</p> <p>Learning Analytics324/06/2016</p> <p>Overview of LA service Shri (5 mins)User voice David Matthews (10 mins)Overview of BI-Myles (5 mins)The user voice-James (10 mins)Group exercise-Shri (20 mins)Whats coming next- Shri and Myles (5 mins)</p> <p>24/06/20163Title of presentation (Insert &gt; Header &amp; Footer &gt; Notes and Handouts &gt; Header &gt; Apply to all)</p> <p>Learning Analytics</p> <p>24/06/20164Title of presentation (Insert &gt; Header &amp; Footer &gt; Notes and Handouts &gt; Header &gt; Apply to all)</p> <p>Effective Learning Analytics ChallengeRationaleUniversities and colleges wanted help to get started and have access to a standard set of tools and technologies to monitor and intervene Priorities identifiedCode of Practice on legal and ethical issuesDevelop a basic learning analytics service including an app for studentsProvide a network to share knowledge and experienceTimescale2015-16 - Test and develop the tools and metrics2016-17 - Transition to service (Freemium)Sept 2017 Launch. Measure impact on retention and achievementLearning Analytics524/06/2016</p> <p>The effective learning analytics challenge was initiated from consultation with stakeholders, senior manager and practitioners who felt the sector need support to get up to speed with learning analytics. They prioritised three main areas, a Code of Practice to address legal and ethical issues of using learning analytics; a set of basic learning analytics tools to allow institutions to get started and make informed decisions; and a network to allow institutions to share practice and learn from each other.The current project has procured suppliers to provide a learning analytics service which are currently being tested by several institutions. This will be developed into a full service next year and provided as a new Jisc service from Sept 2017.24/06/20165Title of presentation (Insert &gt; Header &amp; Footer &gt; Notes and Handouts &gt; Header &gt; Apply to all)</p> <p>What do we mean by Learning Analytics?The application of big data techniques such as machine based learning and data mining to help learners and institutions meet their goals:</p> <p>For our project:Improve retention (current project)Improve attainment (current project)Improve employability (future project)Personalised learning (future project)</p> <p>Learning Analytics624/06/2016</p> <p>What do we mean by learning analytics. The service we are developing will collect data and undertake statistical analysis of historical and current data derived from the learning process to create models that allow for predictions that can be used to improve learning outcomes.Models are developed by mining large amounts of data to find hidden patterns that correlate to specific outcomesE.g. Mine VLE event data to find usage patterns that correlate to course gradesThe service will provide predictive models initially for retention (identify students at risk of failing) and attainment (identifying students at risk of not achieving a specified level of attainment). In the future we will look to offer predictive models to support employability and personal/adaptive learning.</p> <p>24/06/20166Title of presentation (Insert &gt; Header &amp; Footer &gt; Notes and Handouts &gt; Header &gt; Apply to all)</p> <p>Toolkit and communityBlog: http://analytics.jiscinvolve.orgReportsCode of Practice for Learning AnalyticsThe current state of play in UK Higher and Further EducationLearning Analytics in Higher Education: A review of UK and international practiceMailing: Network meetings</p> <p>Learning Analytics724/06/2016</p> <p>The project consists of the learning analytics architecture (next slide), a toolkit and community.These consist of a blog with reports and information to assist institutions with readiness to implement learning analytics and technical implementation of the Jisc service.There are three reports all linked from the blog a Code of Practice for Learning Analytics, A report from 18 months ago that reviewed current state of learning analytics in the UK and a more recent report on the evidence base for the effectiveness of learning analytics with 12 international case studies.If you want to be involved and keep informed about the development of the service then join the analytics jiscmail listWe also hold quarterly network meetings which are promoted via the blog and jiscmail list24/06/20167Title of presentation (Insert &gt; Header &amp; Footer &gt; Notes and Handouts &gt; Header &gt; Apply to all)</p> <p>Learning Analytics Architecture</p> <p>Learning Analytics824/06/2016</p> <p>Overview of learning analytics architecture. Red items are components that will include the tools in the project (Tribal student insight, Unicon/Apereo LAP and Student Success Plan, Student App) but also alternative third party or institutional tools.24/06/20168Title of presentation (Insert &gt; Header &amp; Footer &gt; Notes and Handouts &gt; Header &gt; Apply to all)</p> <p>Current engagementExpressions of interest: 85Engaged in activity: 35Discovery to Sept 16: agreed (28), completed (18), reported (17)Learning Analytics Pre-Implementation: (12)Learning Analytics Implementation: (7)</p> <p>Learning Analytics924/06/2016</p> <p>We have ~400 people on the Jiscmail list and a pipeline of interested institution's (50+ HE, 20+FE). We are actively engaging with 35 institutions, 28 in discovery institutional readiness and 12 in beta implementations. 24/06/20169Title of presentation (Insert &gt; Header &amp; Footer &gt; Notes and Handouts &gt; Header &gt; Apply to all)</p> <p>Future EngagementFrom Sept 2016Readiness Toolkit with a diagnostic set of questions and support materials leading to implementation Start-up guidelines to get ready for learning implementationFurther details will be announced via analytics </p> <p>Learning Analytics1024/06/2016</p> <p>From Sept 16 well be introducing a new institutional readiness process to help institutions get ready for implementing learning analytics. This will consist of an overview workshop to introduce the service and an diagnostic assessment tool, institutions will complete the assessment tool and then undertake appropriate actions to address recommendations. For institutions who are ready to start implementation there will be set of guidelines to get set-up with data collection and visualisations, ready to implement a predictive analytics solution and the student app.Details will be announced via the jiscmail list so join it to participate.24/06/201610Title of presentation (Insert &gt; Header &amp; Footer &gt; Notes and Handouts &gt; Header &gt; Apply to all)</p> <p>Connect More With Jisc 2016Embedding Learner AnalyticsDavid Matthews VLE Development</p> <p>RBC is a small specialist HEI, focusing on all aspects of theatre/performance training. Large online/distance learning cohorts, blended courses such as PGCTLHE, plus off-campus MA and significant study abroad elements (e.g. Erasmus and ATA). Want to use LA especially to help those students who are not on campus for extended periods of time during the working week. TDAP.Heard about the project through MASHEIN off-shoot of the Leadership Foundation but also have a long-standing relationship with Jisc/RSC/Evan and Martin</p> <p>24/06/2016Leanring Analytics12</p> <p>Existing use of Learner DataReporting out of Moodle (not very good or satisfactory) and other VLE servicesData held in Registry, e.g. HESA returns, DLHE, NSS and first impressions etc.Data held by IT and LRC, e.g. logins from College usernames etc. Google Analytics on College corporate websites and VLEData collected by programmes, e.g. end of module questionnaires, surveys</p> <p>24/06/2016Leanring Analytics13</p> <p>Learner Analytics Project</p> <p>Joining the project</p> <p>Introduced to Rob Wyn Jones and Paul Bailey who have made site visits (joined by Evan Dickerson)Involved Registry, Student Records and IT. Approval from SMC who are very keen on the project. Site visits and Skype/Google Hangouts meetings</p> <p>24/06/2016Leanring Analytics14</p> <p>Learner Analytics ProjectCurrent statusTransformation of student data into Jiscs LA data model is now taking place(being done in close collaboration with Jisc) Student data - LA data model is similar to HESA student return structure/ field specifications documented online at data Historical data has been extracted from Moodle logs on our ULCC-hosted Moodle (via internal Jisc software) This is being push into the Jisc Learning Records Warehouse A LIVE data plug-in for Moodle (extracting engagement data moving forwards) has been evaluated and installed on our ULCC-hosted Moodle(Learning Locker screengrab)</p> <p>24/06/2016Leanring Analytics15</p> <p>Anticipated OutcomesImproved use of data across the CollegeRetention is already very good, but one student leaving a small cohort makes a big dent in statistics and in funding!Enable Registry to function effectively/grow post-TDAPBetter support for online/blended students and those on placements/Erasmus visits. Better or more timely interventionsA genuine development project that, as a small institution, we would not have been able to resource or support ourselves Excited to be part of an important project in an emerging field Very happy to continue our working relationship with Jisc </p> <p>24/06/2016Leanring Analytics16</p> <p>HESA and Jisc Business Intelligence</p> <p>MylesJisc and HESA are collaborating to develop new national shared services for business intelligence, making better use of the national data landscape, reducing repetitive activities across universities, brining the benefits of BI to all Univerisits regardless of capability / expertise17</p> <p>About HESA18</p> <p>Learning Analytics1824/06/2016</p> <p>MylesHESA is a not for profit subscription organisation, so similar to Jisc in that sense. As well as a mandatory subscription, members are mandated to provide data collections covering the broad themes of Student, Staff, Destinations (of graduates) and Estates data. This is annual but in year collection is under consideration. HESA cleanse the data and provide back full data sets, published statistics and undertake bespoke analysis. Jisc and HESA membership is similar.18</p> <p>Learning Analytics1924/06/2016</p> <p>MylesHeidi Plus is depicted on the left highlight the trucks driving in to the HESA data warehouse. HESA mandates that all publicly funded HEPs provide performance data on students, destinations of leavers, staff, finance and estates. Currently an annual collection they are moving to more frequent in year collections. The data is cleansed and a new team undertake dashboard development. Quality is assured as the dashboards are offered throught the radio mast in the middle a new national BI dashboard delivery service offered to all HESA customers (currently 180 HEPs and associated organisations and departments). Built with Jisc and launched as a HESA service in November. Includes legal framework and national training programme. Replaces a system with 6.5K users. Lowers the bar to usage through the interactive dashboards so could take BI to a woder range of staff than is currently possible.Heidi Lab is depicted to the right. A Jisc led alpha July 15 July 16. Highlight the trucks again and note its a two way street a data sharing agreement allows HESA data into the Heidi Lab secure data processing environment. Agile analysis teams are created from multiple universities and given access. They identify commonly felt problems spaces, explore the wider national data landscape, acquire non-HESA data and cleanse, link and transform it creating new proof of concept dashboards. Highlight the trucksa driving from the Lab to the Radio Mast. Successful dashboards will be branbded produced by Jisc and delivered via Heidi Plus.Piece in the middle is the beta service what comes next Heidi Plus is sustained by HESA as a service. We have proved there is real merit in Heidi Labs and will launch a beta service July 16 July 17. </p> <p>19</p> <p>James20</p> <p>Heidi Plus The new business intelligence service for UK Higher EducationReplaces Heidi (which will be decommissioned in November 2016)Launched in November 2015 offering:Improved data content and functionalityDelivery of data sets through commercial data explorer toolNew visualisations and dashboards New training programme and support materialsAvailable to HE institutions with a full HESA subscriptionOver 80% of current Heidi subscribers have started the Heidi Plus application process (40% completed)Learning Analytics2124/06/2016</p> <p>JamesHESAs current data delivery service is known as HEIDI (Higher Education Information Database for Institutions) developed in house in 2007. Jisc and HESA collaborated to replace this with a more up to date service. We procured Tableau, market leading data exploration software and now offer Heidi Plus Feedback has been extremely good across the sector</p> <p>21</p> <p>Heidi Lab overview</p> <p>Learning Analytics2224/06/2016</p> <p>MylesHeidi Lab as a Jisc Alpha project (proof of concept) engaged with 290 individuals from 130 universities to develop a successful model of agile analysis. 50 analysts (planners, directors of planning from 44 universities volunteered to join cross institutional agile analysis teams for three Heidi Lab cycles of 3 months each at just 0.2 FTE. Teams were supported as they identified and refined widely felt problem areas (see example on the slide covered student, staff, research, estates etc) linked to national policy. They explored the data landscape for supportive insights, recording the issues encountered in our data catalogue. Finally they produced interactive dashboards using Tableau software as proofs of concept to offer through Heidi Plus</p> <p>22</p> <p>Secure data processing environment</p> <p>Technical infrastructure bound by legal agreements to ensure data and dashboards are secure Learning Analytics2324/06/2016</p> <p>Myles</p> <p>23</p> <p>Information improvement manager UEL with;Kent, Middlesex, Brunel, Royal HollowayStrategic planning and BI manager Sunderland with;Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian, St Andrews, SunderlandDirector of planning, Kent with;Birkbeck, Cardiff, Oxford, Southampton, SouthamptonStrategic Planning Manager, MMU with;Leicester, Leicester, Cambridge, Bishop GrossetesteWinter teamsLearning Analytics2424/06/2016</p> <p>Led by a senior staff member with knowledge of the information needs of a wide range of staff and institutions as well as national policy and what is up stream24</p> <p>Upskilling of staff resource across sector Opening up of collaborative relationships across other organisations Value, saving and efficiency gains from the creation and delivery but also the actions subsequently taken due to the insights gained across research, student, staff and estates and possibly inte...</p>


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