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  • Course Code MS - 01 Course Title Management Functions and Behaviour

    Assignment Code MS-01/TMA/SEM -I/2017 Assignment Coverage All Blocks

    1. Why are managers required to have / acquire different skills sets at various levels of their career? Explain the concept and its significance with suitable examples from the organisation you have served in, or you are familiar with.

    2. State and explain the steps involved in MBO process. Also explain the pre-requisite for successful implementation of MBO quoting examples from the organisation you have worked in or you are aware of.

    3. Briefly explain the sources of conflict and the impact it has on individuals, groups, and organisations. Cite examples from your organisational experience or the experience you are aware of. 4. What is control? What are the pre-requisite and characteristics of effective control system? Explain with the help of examples you have had in an organizational set up. Briefly describe the organisation you are referring to.

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    Course Code MS - 02

    Course Title Management of Human Resources

    Assignment Code MS-02/TMA/SEM -I/2017

    Assignment Coverage All Blocks

    1. What are the primary objectives, focus, and purpose of Selection Tests and Interview in the whole process of Hiring in organisational set up? Critically examine their usefulness and importance in the short term and long term functioning and culture of the organisation. Draw from the experiences you are familiar with. Describe the organisation and the situation you are referring to. 2. What are the major problems/errors which came in the way of Effective Performance Appraisal Systems of any organization? Describe and explain with the help of your organizational experiences or the ones you are familiar with. Briefly explain the organization, situation and its fall out too support your reply. 3. Critically evaluate the state of workers participation in Management in the present day business scenario. Explain with examples your answer giving due details of the organizations and the sources you are referring to. 4. What are the Principles of Learning which are followed in developing Effective Training Programmes? Critically evaluate the Training Environment you are exposed to vis--vis the Principles of learning followed/not followed or the ones you are aware of. Briefly describe the situation and the organization to logically support your replies.

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  • Course Code MS - 03

    Course Title Economic and Social Environment

    Assignment Code MS-03/TMA/SEM - I/2017

    Assignment Coverage All Blocks

    1. a) Explain the reasons why a business manager be concerned with business environment?

    b) Discuss how non-economic environment affects business decisions giving examples. 2. What are the major factors of widespread sickness among the SSI units? How can sickness be identified? Suggest measures to enhance economic viability of the segment. 3. Examine the progress of Indian economy towards globalization in the post reform years. Comment on the slow pace of progress of globalization and identify the major reasons. 4. a) What are the major problems of fiscal policy? Describe.

    a) Is the growth of public expenditure in India justified? Discuss. 5. Explain major trends in volume, composition and direction of Indias foreign trade in recent years. Do you think that these trends portray a favorable trade environment in the country? 6. Write short notes on the following:

    a) Balance of Payments

    b) Role of Public Sector

    c) Economic Development and Economic Growth

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  • Course Code MS - 04 Course Title Accounting and Finance for Managers

    Assignment Code MS-04/TMA/SEM - I/2017 Assignment Coverage All Blocks

    1. Accountancy is an Information System do you agree? Substantiate your answer with reasons. How does an Accountant help in planning and controlling a large commercial organisation? Explain.

    The other expenses per month are: Rent Rs. 1,000, Depreciation Rs. 1,000, Misc. Expenses Rs. 500 and Commission 1% of sales. Of the sales, 80% is on credit and 20% for cash. 70% of the credit sales are collected in one month and the balance in two months. Debtors on March 31, 2017 represent Rs. 6,000 in respect of sales of February and Rs. 20,000 in respect of sales of March. There are no debt losses. Gross profit on sales on an average is 30%. Purchases equal to the next months sales are made every month and they are paid during the month in which they are made. The firm maintains a minimum cash balance of Rs. 10,000. Cash deficiencies are made up bank loans which are repaid at the earliest available opportunity and cash in excess of Rs. 15,000 is invested in securities (Interest on bank loans and securities is to be ignored). Outstanding liabilities remain unchanged.

    3. Taking a suitable example and explain how the semi-variable costs will be segregated into fixed and variable using the Scattergraph Method.

    4. Aditi Ltd. is considering the selection of one a pair of mutually exclusive investment projects. Both would involve purchase of machinery with a life of 5 years.

  • Project 1 would generate annual cash flows (receipts less payments) of Rs. 2,00,000; the machinery would cost Rs. 5,56,000 and have a scrap value of Rs. 56,000. Project 2 would generate annual cash flows of Rs.5,00,000; the machinery would cost Rs. 16,16,000 and have a scrap value of Rs. 4,31,000. Company use the straight line method for providing depreciation. Its cost of capital is 15% per annum. Assume that annual cash flows arise on the anniversaries of the initial outlay, that there will be no price changes over the project lives and that acceptance of one of the projects will not alter the required amount of working capital.

    You are required to: (a) Calculate for each project: (i) the accounting rate or return (ratio, over project life, of average accounting profit to average book value of investment) to nearest 1%. (ii) the net present value (iii) the internal rate or return (D.C.F. yield) to nearest 1%, and (iv) the pay back period to one decimal place, and

    (b) State which project you would select for acceptance, if either, giving reasons for your choice of criterion to guide the decision. Ignore taxation.

    5. Dividend can be paid only out of profits. Explain this statement and also discuss your role as a Finance Management in matters of dividend policy?

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    Course Code MS - 05

    Course Title Management of Machines and Materials

    Assignment Code MS-05/TMA/SEM - I/2017

    Assignment Coverage All Blocks

    1. Product development and design is basically a research and development activity. Elaborate the statement with suitable examples. 2. What is work sampling? Why is it called a fact-finding tool? Describe some uses of work sampling. 3. Practical job shops are much more complicated and may have hundreds of matching centres and thousands of jobs. Comment! Why do we resort to priority dispatching rules for sequencing jobs at each machine centre? Describe these rules.


  • 4. How can FAST diagram act as a Value Engineering tool. Explain the basic methodology of FAST diagrams with the help of an example. 5. Write a brief note on need and role of classification, codification and standardization in the context of materials management from the viewpoint of planning, control, purchase and inventory management.

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    Course Code MS - 06 Course Title Marketing for Managers

    Assignment Code MS-06/TMA/SEM - I/2017 Assignment Coverage All Blocks

    1. (a) Define Marketing and discuss its scope as an exchange process between the firm and its customers. Illustrate with two suitable examples of your choice. (b) Scan various secondary data sources available to you and collect relevant data historically to discuss the importance of Marketing in an emerging economy like India. 2. (a) Explain the term Market P