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  • 1. ICT Tools for Literacy Learning ByJenny Deed & Nadine Mackereth

2. The Gloss

  • -Aim: to improve
  • Vocabulary.
  • -Created with Comic Life
  • -Focuses on meaning
  • and pronunciation

3. Scholastic Story Starter

  • For juniors that cant type you can print out bank templates.
  • Adjustable for all levels
  • Very engaging - Exciting way to start a writing lesson.
  • Re-usable
  • Can be adapted to suit what you want eg. Letter writing.

4. Scholastic Story Starter Pick a format for your story. Students may either type their story and print or print the template. 5. fotobabble

  • Website:http://www.fotobabble.com
  • Allows you to record voice onto photos
  • Possible uses:
  • -getting students to talk about their artwork
  • -book reviews
  • -extending a gloss
  • -explaining a math's strategy

6. Wallwisher

  • Online Notice Board
  • Reading Comprehension (Teacher Inquiry)
  • Spelling
  • Pre and post assessments.
  • Habits of Mind
  • Current Events
  • Examples
  • Blend of the Week
  • How may words can you think of that contain the blend bl?

7. Wallwisher

  • Comprehension Questions
  • Students answer a question (literal or inferential) about their reader by
  • posting their answer on wallwisher.
  • Brainstorming
  • Could use wallwisher to brainstorm ideas or words etc.

8. Spelling Animations

  • Tools used:
  • Digital cameras,
  • Modelling clay
  • & iMovie

9. Kid Pix

  • Kid Pix is an artwork / drawing program aimed at children.
  • Draw pictures.
  • Create animations.
  • Record voices.
  • Slideshow
  • Focus:Fluency, expression, phrasing
  • Students record themselves reading their guided book.This could be
  • individually or as a group (each read a page).Students illustrate their page
  • and put into a slideshow.
  • Students then listen to themselves and reflect on their learning intention.

10. Into the Book

  • Focus:
  • To practise the
  • Use of
  • Reading strategies
  • Ties in very well with
  • Sheena Camerons strategies
  • http://reading. ecb .org/

11. Story Jumper

  • Publish your own book.
  • Place for students to create and publish their own stories.
  • Create e-books.
  • This website includes tutorials.

12. Writing Fun

  • -Interactive
  • exemplars
  • for writing
  • -A variety of different levels
  • and genres
  • Available
  • http://www. writingfun .com/writingfun2010.html

13. Wordle

  • Could use as display lists in your classroom.
  • For example:Words to use instead of said etc.
  • Students could make a story using all the words in the wordle picture.
  • Put the students story into wordle and see which
  • words are the largest (this means that they were
  • used a lot) therefore this could show their next
  • learning step.

14. Easi-Speaks

  • Easi-Speaks lets you record up to 4 hours of audio, then download the files to your computer.
  • Simple to use, even for the youngest students!
  • Perfect for all kinds of oral language activities, memorization of math facts, digital portfolio assessment, and more

15. Using the Easi-Speaks in Inquiry Learning / Learning Model.

  • School Wide Inquiry - Migration
  • Year 2-3 Team focused on Bird Migration
  • Community Open Day - Students sharetheir inquiry learning with
  • parents / family members.
  • We had been focusing onasking questions and gathering
  • information from various sources.

16. Build Your Wild Self

  • Students create a Wild Self picture.
  • Use picture to motivate the children with their writing.
  • Helps visual learners to structure their ideas.
  • Using SOLO
  • Extended Abstract
  • I can describe many features of my wild self and explain why I have these features
  • and reflect on what it is like to be like that.
  • Relational
  • I can describe many features of my wild self and explain why
  • I have these features.
  • Multi-structural
  • I can describe two or more features of my wild self.
  • Uni-structural
  • I can describe one feature of my wild self.
  • Pre-structural
  • I need help to write about my wild self.