ICT Literacy in Science

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ICT Ideas for use in teaching


  • 1. ICT Literacy in Science Extended Desktop - Something on your computer screen with something else on the projector Screen Resolution - Making sure your screen is not filled with toolbars, but content Slide Share - Publish your presentations on-line and access others Caffeine App - Dont let your computer fall asleep Yacapaca - On-line, self marked quizzes Quizlet - On-line flash cards. Make your own, or use others Countdown timers - Visual reference to timed tasks

2. ICT Literacy in Science(cont) YouTube - Great starters, discussion items and inspirational / current items Dropbox - Never loose your files or mess around with memory sticks again Survey monkey - Gather and analyse qualitative and quantitative data automatically bit.ly - Shorten long web addresses Extras: Popplet, Prezzi, Google Drive


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