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Iconic Shots

Iconic ShotsThe Fray You Found Me (student fan video)

This is our first shot in the music video and one of the most effective. We have chosen to put our initial shot as an establishing shot of the location we were filming in, Liverpool Street Station. We chose this location and shot because when researching the indie rock genre we found that busy city locations often occurred and we wanted to keep to this convention. This shot has been turned into a time lapse to emphasis the idea of a busy lifestyle in the city.

This close up shot was an important shot in our music video as it is the main imagery where the symbolism of the cross is shown. Throughout the music video we created an underlying message of the longing and searching for God and we did this through the use of props, in particular a cross necklace. In this shot the character is seen feeling agitated while playing with the cross. We used a close up shot here to emphasise and highlight the idea of religion in this music video.

It was important that throughout the music video we referred to Goodwins Six Key Features of a music video. The main way we did this was through the use of visuals to lyrics. There are a range of shots where we have chosen imagery which directly links to the lyrics in the song. This over the shoulder shot is an example of where that happens in the video.

As well as the message of searching for God, this comes along with the idea of loneliness is a populated and busy city. As we filmed in the centre of London it meant we were able to capture the feel of someone lost in such as busy place. We mainly did this through wide angle shots in order to capture the essence of the environment. The character is mostly seen in the middle of the shots, the centre of attention yet ignored by those around her.

Throughout the music video we have a character whos face is never seen, using point of view shot as we decided to include the characters face at the end where she is found by God but by someone. This concept illustrated through this shot shows how someone can be brought closer to God through another person. This shot is one of the most iconic as it reveals a mystery that is built up during the video.