How to use cartoons to promote your business

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<ol><li> 1. Elgin SUBWAYSURFER Bolling </li><li> 2. Elgin SUBWAYSURFER Bolling </li><li> 3. Its STILL a JUNGLE Out There.The same old predators are there playing the same corporate snatch and grab game, only this time, the playing field is different.In the new economy, Its not about YOU its about THEM and WE. Its social.Only those who are able to change their mental , emotional and spiritualattitude are going to be able to breathe the fresh air of success, and eat the green leaves of increased profits.In todays corporate worlds you can no longer be, strong as a bull, sly like a fox, Solid like an elephant,, cunning like an alligator, fierce, like a rhino , or even a king, of beasts like a lion. Okay, Ive taken this jungle analogy way far now. You get the picture. USING ART to sell your products will enable you to reach profits yourcompetition on the ground only dreams about.Turn the pages andfind outhow </li><li> 4. ABOUT THE AUTHORElgin 347 424 5349 Hello, my name is Elgin SubwaySurfer Bolling, your Creative Caricature Marketing Consultant. Since 1990 I have been helping my clients sell theirproducts and celebrate their success, as aprofessional illustrator and one of New York Citys most sought after Live Caricature Entertainers. As a former old school paste up artist for a major Brooklynweekly, I learned to make effective ad copy that sells. My job wasto create clip art, as well as full, half, and quarter page ads for ourclients. I learned firsthand, that no matter how timely yourinformation, or revolutionary your product, unless you can getpeople to stop and look long enough to read what youve got, theyARENT going to buy. </li><li> 5. ABOUT THE AUTHORElgin Bollingwww.subwaysurfer.blogspot.comcartoons4u2@aol.comI consistently created illustrations that not only made people stop, but made them laugh. I found out that once a person startslaughing, in no time they will start paying. cash AND attention.The worst thing in business is to be ignored, and Im committed to creating art for my clients that gets them noticed.As I eluded to earlier. and will keep on mentioning throughout thisbook.ITS A NEW DAY for entrepreneurs. If you are a smallbusiness owner, the playing field has been leveled, if you are an established business owner, youd better get with the program. Either way, you can use cartoons to enhance your promotionalmaterials online and offline . I hope when you make your decision, you will use my services to do so. </li><li> 6. E BOOK COVERSWhat EVER your passion is, you should be writing about it. In todays business climate, the top earners are also authors. E book publishing is a phenomenal money making industry that is not only creating cottage industry celebrities, but enabling companies to enhance their visibility at virtually no cost. All youneed is your knowledge of a given subject, a wordprocessor, a PDF program, and you are an author! Thats the EASY Part The Question Is,How do you Get people to STOP andREAD your book? On average, a person decidesn 8 seconds whether they aregoing to read a book or not. That means you have to give them something eye catching to make them STOP longenough to want to crack open your book to read. Thats where cartoons and caricatures come in again!I work with you to create engaging humorous eye catching art to make your customers stop to look at your content.Your ebook can also be used as an effective promotional give away item to tell clients about your products and services. </li><li> 7. Interior Ebook IllustrationWhy stop at just using cartoons/caricatures for the E Book Cover?You can also use art to spice up the interior pages as well. The possibilities and combinations are limited to your imagination. Wejust draw on paper what you see in your minds eye. </li><li> 8. COMING TO A MOBILE DEVICE NEAR YOU! Here is a great example of how one of our clients is using the art for one of his ebook projects to enhance his online presence and line his pockets. Its that easy ! These days every thing has gone mobile! Any business leader who is not promoting this way, will soon not be in business period. I cant tell you what towrite, but I sure can draw you a picture that will increase the chances of getting your product noticed! </li><li> 9. E Book CoversTheres nothing like reading a thankful reply from asatisfied customer. Its a response Ive grown accustomed to hearing, and hope to hear from you! </li><li> 10. E Book Covers E BOOK COVERS </li><li> 11. Coffee Connoisseur The Ultimate Buyers Guide By Java Junkie Jane Cover illustration by Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling </li><li> 12. E Book CoversBy Emma StanleyCover Illustration by Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling </li><li> 13. BAD DOG!How To Housetrain Your PuppyWithout Driving Yourself Crazy! Dog Training Series OneBy Victor Robinson Master Dog TrainerCover Illustration by Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling </li><li> 14. Heres a few of my own Ebook CoversVisit www.subwaysurfer.blogspot.comfor info on obtaining any of these ebooks. </li><li> 15. Blog Article illustration </li><li> 16. Blog Article Illustration </li><li> 17. Blog Article illustration </li><li> 18. LOGO AND AVATARS For that Personal touchA touch of humor definitely makes youmuch approachable to your clients, in todays business climate your customers want to know YOU not your company thats what social media is all about.Caricatures and cartoon avatars canhelp convey that message.Were not taking slapstick here or makingyou look ridiculous ( unless thats what you want!) </li><li> 19. LOGO AND AVATARSFor that Personal touch Unless you are currently in a witnessprotection program, this silhouetteshould not be your avatar! Themessage thats unintentionallycommunicated is, I dont want to beknown. In todays social mediabusiness climate, your clients andcolleagues want to connect with YOU.Using personalized caricature/cartoonlogos and avatars are excellent ways toshow off your personality.Our artist works with you tocreate an image that shows whatever side of your personality you want to show off, whether that be conservative, or playful!Its totally up to you!Well even show off that macho razor stubble, ifyou like, You handsomedevil, you! </li><li> 20. LOGO AND AVATARSFor that Personal touchYOUR UNIQUE SELLING POINT IS YOUR PERSONALITYIts the one thing that cannot be duplicated or manufactured.People buy yourproducts, solicit yourservices, read yourblogs, subscribe to yournewsletters because theyare getting YOU! Aplayful logo/avatar helpsto show off what isunmistakably YOU. </li><li> 21. LOGO AND AVATARSFor that Personal touch A good avatar should not only capture your likeness, but yourcompanys core conceptas well.I take pride in doing both, and work with youtirelessly until you are satisfied.I have over twenty years experience in the art ofcaricature/portrait drawing. </li><li> 22. LOGO AND AVATARS For that Personal touch </li><li> 23. LOGO AND AVATARS For that Personal touch </li><li> 24. Logo/Avatar faceliftsMaybe you dont need a new logo created, but just a facelift on your existing one. We can do that for you too. Our artist is an experienced character designer with a skilled handthat is able to mimic just about any existing style, withinreason of course!This client wanted us to draw his existing logo character inmore some engaging positions. We were glad to comply. These logo recreations were done for </li><li> 25. Maybe youd like to hire a celebrity!?Maybe you dont want YOUR image to appear in your promotional advertizing, maybe you want to borrow a celebrity! We enable you to do that at a fraction of the cost! As a trained caricature artist, drawing likenesses of famous people, whether they be Wine TVs Social Medial Mogul, Gary Vanderchuck, or Former Gov Arnold Schwartzenegger, weve got you covered! </li><li> 26. Maybe youd like to hire a celebrity!?These Concept Drawings were commissioned by BET Video show, 106 &amp; PARK, as part of a promotionalchampagne spot for the WOLVERINE Movie starringactor, Hugh Jackman. In the spot, Jackman narrates how Wolverine would handle these fictional hip hop characters, of Lil Wanye,, Kanye West, Ciara and Puffy </li><li> 27. Character Design for Animation and sequential artIf you are a filmmaker, or storyteller, you need characters to populate youruniverse. You needcharacters who areinteresting and engagingenough so that your audience can pay attentionto your storyline and content. We work closely with you to develop characters that arememorable! </li><li> 28. EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATIONIf You are politically astute,but artistically deficient, no need to worry, I caneasily illustrate youreditorial copy. As an editorial artist for The Award Winning,THE WAVE NEWSPAPER in Far Rockaway, NYC, I am accustomed to meeting deadlines, and drawing humorously with pin point accuracy. </li><li> 29. Public Service Messages &amp; Training Manuals Lets face it, people HATE to be follow rules, and be told what to do. And yet, in order for a company to run smoothly, rulesmust be enforced. Cartoons and Caricatures can be used in your public service messages andEmployee training manuals tohumorously get your point across in a non confrontational way.You can choose from some of our premade materials like thosefeatured here, or work our artist to customize your own. </li><li> 30. PowerPoint Presentation For Serious Fun.PowerPoint Presentations are serious matters. Which is why from time to time you should interject some fun. Instead of using the same boring clip art, wake your audience up with acustomized cartoon or caricature.Audiences remember presentations that are engaging andenjoyable. That translates into more retention of yourinformation, rather than excessive clockwatching. </li><li> 31. PROMOTIONAL ADVERTISINGCartoons/Caricatures can be used in your offlineadvertising in your flyers, postcards, and postersfor limited time events. Why use standard clip artwhen you can PERSONALIZE your message? </li><li> 32. DONT MISS OUR ANNUAL DOOR BUSTER Saturday , June 16 Doors open at 5AM!You can use clip art for SOME things, but there arethose times when you want to hit your customers over the head with a sledgehammer, (metaphoricallyspeaking) A customized cartoon like this one willdefinitely not be ignored! </li><li> 33. Company Greeting CardsCartoons/caricature can easily be used to createpersonalized greeting card illustration to send to your clients and employees it add a personal touch!From all of us to all of you,!HAPPY HOLIDAYS! </li><li> 34. GIFT CARICATUREEmployee/Client Recognition Pictures can becustomized to portray apersons hobby, theirtagline, and of course,their company affiliationCartoons/caricature is a unique way to reward clients andemployees by giving a personalized gift they can hang on their wall, or use in their promotional materials. </li><li> 35. LIVE PARTY CARICATURE!Why not make yourself and your employees into individual cartoons of themselves? As one of NYCs most soughtafter party artists I have drawn at thousands of corporate events, tradeshows, Fundraisers and meetups.Live drawing is a cost effective form of entertainment that can also be used as a way to promote your business! Simply preprint your companys info on each sheet andyou have an advertisement that they will keep forever!www.subwaysurfer.blogspot.com347 424 5349 </li><li> 36. CONCEPT CARTOONINGTakes Time and Patience. I realize that. This is why I dont rush the process. After all, this is YOUR business, and you wantthings to look as perfect as possible.I communicate with you every step of the way, until the job is done exactly the way you want. I also give you mysolutions if a concept you are envisioning doesnt work.I dont want you to just be satisfied with my service. I want you to be AMAZED. </li><li> 37. Video,MP3,&amp; CD CoversSmart musicians like Aussie Vocal Coach, Ian Castle,realize the power in using caricature/cartooningin their promotional advertising for their information products.In todays very competitive world of online business you need tostand out from the crowd. Youneed a brand and image that isinstantly recognizable and will setyou apart from yourcompetition. I wanted a brandimage that would show mypersonality and represent who I am as a person, a performer anda business person IAN CASTLE </li><li> 38. Video,MP3,&amp; CD Covers Elgin was able design acaricature of myself that I have used for onlinemarketing, avatar picturesfor my youtube and facebook profiles, ebookcovers, video and audiocourses and the main header image for my websiteI was after an image that would portray class, personalityand a touch of humor and he delivered it and more.Elgins design has been a huge part of my "online image"and has helped me build a large online audience and avery marketable brand. IAN CASTLE International Vocal Coach </li><li> 39. Youtube AnimationNo need to even talk about the phenomenon that youtube hasbecome. Having a video on youtube increases your visibility exponentially. International Vocal Coach and performer, ErikDillard, noticed a marked increased in his viewership when heused caricature/cartoons in his animation/video projects. I was hoping for a newlook for my web series TheErik Dillard Vocal Clinic, Ihad no idea I would encountersuch an amazing artist, mind andcreator like Elgin SubwaySurferBolling. The nature of mybusiness is in the field of VocalTraining. Elgin immediatelyvibed with my vision and tookmy show from being entertainingto being spectacular. </li><li> 40. Interactive AnimationI love the attention to detail that Elgin shows in all of hisillustrations. Hes done several caricatures for me including NickiMinaj, Drake and Jennifer Hudson. His ability to make his clients happy is something that often lacks in todays market. </li><li> 41. Youtube AnimationSo many artists are onlyconcerned with their owncreativity. Elgin defies thisby having the ability tolisten and perfect ideasand concepts that he isgiven. I would recommendhim to anyone that islooking to give his or hercompany a facelift. He isvery open-minded andinsightful! All that workwith him will be greatlyimpressed!!!ERIK DILLARD </li><li> 42. Just One More Thing Before You GoREAD This shouldnt HAVE to be said, but no part , line, sketch, or pixel youve just seen can be duplicated, copied, reproduced, repackaged, or regurgitated, or outright stolen without the written consent of the artist,. creator Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling. These images are the property of the artist, and many have been purchased by my clients! Write me and tell me what you think! And by all means, HIRE ME! </li><li> 43. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND ATTENTION!Thank you so much for taking the time to read this ebook. I hope that you found the information useful, and lookforward to working with you to sell your products, or celebrate your success. Believe it or not , we havent even scratched the surface of the OTHER possibilitiesthat exist for using cartoons/caricatures to promoteyour business!But if you want to find out more, I invite you to email mepersonally at Include in thesubject line, TELL ME MORE...</li></ol>