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How to install macOS Sierra on PC

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How to Install macOS Sierra on PC?


In this article, I'm going to show you that how to install macOS sierra on PC. Finally, apple has just released the final version of macOS sierra 10.12 on 20th September. So due to this, it took the time to manage this article. Installing mac operating system on PC is actually hard and is not working on all devices. Every company has its own device settings. So the settings are not the same. If you follow this article very carefully, again you might have to face any problem during installation. Because all the laptops or desktops are not the same. In our today’s topic, I'm going to install macOS sierra Hackintosh on PC on Lenovo laptop.

Install macOS Sierra on PC

To Install macOS Sierra on PC you should have macOS Sierra 10.12 final version or beta version. Now, I can’t give the link of the dmg file but you can easily google search and find the dmg file. Also, it is free on the App Store, follow the step 1 to download and create a macOS Sierra USB installer. All you have to download follow all the steps mentioned below to install macOS Sierra 10.12 on PC.

Step #1. Create Bootable USB Installer For macOS Sierra Using UniBeast

In this step, you have to download and create a bootable USB installer for macOS Sierra using UniBeast. This step will help you to Boot with the USB installer and create a partition for mac and finally installs the Mac from the USB Installer to OS X Extended (Journaled) partition. It’s a bit long, so due to this we have managed another article for it check the article and follow step by step the article to bootable create USB Installer. Check out the Link below for that article.

Step #2. Setup Parts of Your Motherboard’s BIOS or UEFI

Now after downloading and creating bootable USB installer for macOS Sierra 10.12. Then here you will need to setup parts of your motherboard’s BIOS or UEFI. This step will let and make the USB installer to boot into clover menu. It’s so important to do this step correctly and carefully because if no then without doing this stuffs, you won’t be

able to go forward and make a Hackintosh macOS Sierra 10.12.#1. Press the BIOS Menu Button from your keyboard(F12, F10, F8, F2) depending on your system if can’t find then do a google search or comment as below your systems details. For Lenovo laptops, press Novo button or one key recovery then select BIOS

Setup and hit enter from your keyboard.