How to create the best visual content

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This is an updated version of my presentation 'The rise of Visual content' I made in February of this year. I have added many new great examples and updated the stats. With all these examples you will have many ideas how to create your own!

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  • 1. The internet doesnt make us more creative, but it does enable what we create to be seen, heard, and used. It enables every creator to find a public and that takes creation out of the proprietary hands of the supposed creative class. - jeff jarvis 2008 -

2. Instagram 150 million accounts 3. tumblr. 300 million accounts 4. Pinterest 70 million accounts 5. why now? the rise of visual content 6. from formal websites with a lot of text ... 7. to inspiring websites with a lot of images and graphics 8. from resumes with lots and lots of text ... 9. to visual resumes and portfolios on Behance 10. from research results in excel and diagrams ... 11. to infographics 12. from listening to music in itunes 13. to listening & watching music in on the iPad 14. your twitterstream on your mobile ... 15. or your twitterstream through Flipboard on your iPad 16. your LinkedIn connections in a list ... 17. or your connections in LinkedInMaps 18. tekst from functional shopping ... 19. to what we now callvisual commerce 20. follow sites with a RSS reader 21. or follow sites through social on Flipboard and create your own mag (video) 22. visual content examples Infographic Cine(ma)gram - Time lapse - Tagcloud - Video - Prezi - Slideshow - Animated gif - Caroussel - Stop motion Stereographic many more? 23. videos 24. TIME LAPSE videos 25. Stereographics 26. To subscribe a bio or a picture: use details, a scenery instead of global details Be concrete Use the 5 sencences, the weigth of the camera, the scent, the one you who you are with Practice your photography skills with the so called #selfies Give specifics Be auhtentic so open up. Otherwise you will never stand out and be unique I will go to your blog for your personality. Don't blend in Tips from pros (picked up at Blogher conf) 30September 2013 Creating visual content by Kirsten Jassies27 27. CINE(MA)GRAMS 28. Interview with dynamic content 29. visual diaries on 30. visual (live) reporting 31. Project Snowfall van de NY Times (video) 32. Project Firestorm from The Guardian (video) 33. Every post you place needs visual support Select images that serve the purpose of your post, for example explanation, news or inspiration Which image will be liked and shared by your audience? Select appealing and unique images with emotion Place images as big as possible No designer? Create your own landingspage, resume or infographic with, or No photographer? Search usergenerated images on Instgram or Pinterest (ask permission) DIY: go and learn how to make and edit photos with or with an apps on your smartphone Tips for using visual content 34. Journey: Life of Pi movie (video) 35. Usergenerated visual reporting 36. iPhoneography (smartphone photography) 37. Find this presentation on Slideshare: Kirsten Jassies Productmanager bloggers & social Mail Twitter @kirst_enj Creating visual content 30September 2013 Creating visual content by Kirsten Jassies38