How to Create an Online Presence for Your Business-Part 2

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Text of How to Create an Online Presence for Your Business-Part 2

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  • What Were Going to Cover 0 Website Development 0 E-Commerce Website Platforms 0 Web Analytics 0 Search Engine Optimization 0 Pay-Per-Click Search Engine & Social Media Promotion 0 Social Media Development 0 Google 0 Leveraging for small business 0 Google industry secrets 0 Building Your Brands Identity 0 Presented by Branding Specialist, Brandon IrbyView this Presentation on http://www.OnlinePresenceDevelopment.Weebly.Com
  • Todays Objectives0 Learn how to turn your small local business into a world-wide enterprise with Shopify.0 Get your website found online through leveraging: 0 Organic Search Engine Optimization 0 Hiring Someone or Doing it Yourself 0 Non-Organic Search Engine Optimization 0 Pay-Per-Click Paid Placement (Time & Space) 0 Google Ad Network 0 Unplanned Purchases0 Learn how to analyze your websites performance.0 Learn how to turn social media into a revenue stream for your business. View this Presentation on http://www.OnlinePresenceDevelopment.Weebly.Com
  • Skyscrapers Arent Built Overnight0 You will get what you put into your online presence development for you business.0 If you have questions please dont be afraid to ask today, tomorrow, next week, or whenever. The Innovation Center is a resource for you.0 Frustration is bound to come when developing your online presence but you must persevere to build the competitive advantage it can bring your business or community organization.0 Leverage the new Online Resource Center for industry insight, self-help videos, directory of who to hire, and register for future workshops that focus on specific online presence development functions that you would like to learn more on. View this Presentation on http://www.OnlinePresenceDevelopment.Weebly.Com
  • Homework Review Top Websites Top Facebook Business Pages0 Red Dress Boutique 0 0 Great use of custom 0 Custom HTML Applications application. 0 Browse Store 0 Restock Notify 0 Great use of categories for 0 Instagram types of clothes and by 0 Sign up for Shopping Cart price range. 0 How to Order 0 Easy to operate. 0 Major Return on Investment on Facebook by leveraging displaying/selling product 0 Does need major search direct on Facebook with, Run/Ship & engine optimization work. Run/Hold comments to photos on Facebook timeline. 0 Needs to encourage social 0 Major website work needed to compliment sharing of every product social media stature. listed. 0 Must champion shipping and have 0 Example: ShareThis solid/consistent refund process in place. application View this Presentation on http://www.OnlinePresenceDevelopment.Weebly.Com
  • Step 3: Building a Strategy for your Website Revisited0 Now that we know what the market looks like it is time to build a strategy for your brand.0 Are you going to hire someone or do it yourself?0 Have SMART goals for your website development and social media strategies. 0 Increase traffic from northeastern Oklahoma by 200% in first three months of new site. 0 Increase engagement on Facebook by 500 fans in the first three weeks of the optimized Facebook page. 0 Be on the first page for local results for specific industry in first six months. View this Presentation on http://www.OnlinePresenceDevelopment.Weebly.Com
  • Available Platforms0 Wix (Drag and Drop) 0 App market is available0 SquareSpace (Drag and Drop) 0 Example: Ontario PC0 Weebly (Drag and Drop) 0 Example: Build Bartlesville0 WordPress 0 Example: bugRIGHT 0 Plug-in market is available View this Presentation on
  • E-Commerce Website Platform0 Shopify is an e-commerce website platform that makes designing a website and selling products easy for small businesses.0 Shopify represents an engaging user friendly website that offers search engine optimization tools to earn your site Google street cred.0 Take your local business to a world-wide market with new revenue streams.0 Key features of Shopify: 0 View this Presentation on http://www.OnlinePresenceDevelopment.Weebly.Com
  • Options for Building Your Shopify Website Option 1 Option 20 Hire a developer to design 0 Do it yourself! Take on the world-wide market with a a custom template and strategy on your own! setup the site. 0 Use a stock template from 0 Includes setting up for Shopifys template market place. 0 Register your website with search engine Google/Bing. optimization. 0 Optimizing each product page and content page with keywords 0 Setting you as the business and SEO tactics. owner up as the admin to 0 Upload images, content, and keep upload track of orders. images, pages, videos, and 0 Link with social media to create traffic and additional revenue more from mobile phone streams. or tablet. View this Presentation on http://www.OnlinePresenceDevelopment.Weebly.Com
  • Step 4:Build Your SEO Strategy 0 Leverage the situational analysis conducted for the web development strategy to analyze the following: 0 Keywords competitors are using 0 SEO tactics that competitors are using 0 Strong Tagging 0 Bolded text mean, STRONG TAGGED. 0 Google/Bing focuses on those key terms. 0 Micro-Tagging 0 Way of the future that will tell search engines exactly what the page represents. Example: Murphys Steakhouse in Bartlesville, Okla. would have Micro-Tags for local restaurant with location featuring Bartlesville, Okla. or near Tulsa, Okla. 0 Leverage Google AdWords Keyword Tool to analyze keywords per industry 0 Organic vs. Non-Organic Search Engine Marketing. 0 Understand the importance of SEO dominance on all content. 0 Google/Bing cant read or properly index Flash/Java or images without a proper ALT Tag and file name. 0 Continue to modifying strategy to continue to increase traffic and conversion rates. View this Presentation on http://www.OnlinePresenceDevelopment.Weebly.Com
  • Option 1: Hire a SEO Juice Man0 Much like scenario when hiring a web developer, must have a strategy in place before meeting with potential SEO Juice Men.0 Have list of competitors readily available, geographic target market, and targeted audience.0 Be ready to pay monthly fee and expect to receive updates including: 0 Monthly Google Analytics Report 0 Google AdWords Reports0 Tell them you want a SEO strategy for planned and unplanned purchases. 0 Planned 0 Someone Googles the keywords, Arena Tools for Tractor, your business should be on the first page if you sell arena tools. 0 Unplanned 0 Someone who has known history of looking at arena tools for tractors on the internet or social media sees ad on a website relating to arena tools for tractors. 0 Think impulse buying at a grocery store with end caps and products at the check out.View this Presentation on http://www.OnlinePresenceDevelopment.Weebly.Com
  • Example of SEO Juice ManView this Presentation on http://www.OnlinePresenceDevelopment.Weebly.Com
  • Option 2: Do it Yourself0 Leverage SEO assistance apps or plug-ins if available for your website development platform.0 Register with Google Analytics to analyze traffic. 0 Are visitors bouncing (exiting) from you site to soon? 0 Are visitors getting to the desired take action page on your website? 0 Just because you have traffic does not mean you have the right traffic! 0 Conversion rates and ROI!0 Have a strategy for both: 0 Organic SEO 0 How do you make your site seem more credible and relevant to search engines? 0 Build back links and continually add new content that is engaging and contains keywords. 0 Non-Organic SEO 0 In the beginning of launching a website or new SEO strategy it is highly recommended to leverage non-organic paid placement to earn more traffic and higher rankings. 0 Google AdWords 0 Facebook Ads 0 Display Ad placement on targeted websites 0 ESPN 0 High Plains Journal View this Presentation on http://www.OnlinePresenceDevelopment.Weebly.Com
  • SEO Tactics That Will Earn You Google Cred0 H