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  1. 1. Horror
  2. 2. SettingFor a horror movie the setting is usually placed outside the comfort zone of the main character, goodhorror films will make this place relatable to the viewer. Settings like these are usually outside theboundaries of social areas (such as forests or abandoned buildings) with the few times the horror willtake place in the public (like a bathroom or a subway). Usually these areas are dark and murky withshades of red digitally placed after production , the props placed in a horror setting often show whataction will happen in the scene (such a long hallways usually indicating a chasing scene or sharpobjects indicating gore).
  3. 3. Technical CodeThe technical code for most horror movies is to stay close to the character with cut away shots for theaction scenes, the idea is to portray the emotion of fear as much as possible. The shots are mostlyfast paced and made manic with shaking to make the audience feel the fear that the character isfeeling.
  4. 4. IconographyYou can tell what will be in a horror film or associate objects with a horror film thanks to iconography,these usually involve items like a bloody knife or a damaged dark room which tell you that itsobviously a horror situation as so many other horrors display a damaged room and bloody knifeleading to someone's gory death. Another good example are bad guys and monsters, any man orwoman wearing a mask in a horror movie is most likely the bad guy, we know this because in everyhorror movie the bad guy will disguise themselves only to reveal who they are at the end. Its not justweapons and people we link to evil, its areas and settings as well, a dark room will indicate a horrorscene and something a calming scene will make people nervous as they feel something scary willrandomly appear, known as a jump scare.
  5. 5. Narrative StructureThe story to most horror movies is simple, a group of people are living their normal lives and decideto do something to break the cycle of their normal lives, this break causes something to happen thatbrings about a being that wants to destroy these normal people and the rest of the movie is spentwatching how the group react and act to each move the evil being makes against them. The evil beingin the end either gets taken down or will leave after having taken down the majority of the group, thisleaves the survivors with a moral that is portrayed into the audience. This structures matches mostbut not all horror movies as the major structure is changed through the development of movies tobring something unique each time, sometimes the evil being will be someone in the group or no-onein the group will survive and instead the being will live to make a sequel to the movie. Thehorror/thriller movie SAW continued into 6-7 movies due to the fact that there was no evil being butan idea that was followed by random characters throughout the movie and so there are no realsurvivors at the end.
  6. 6. Character TypesA lot of the actors or characters that you find in movies tend to follow a set of rules as to how theactors can be. For the majority the characters seem like everyone else but the differences are whatreally get to people when trying to connect with the audience, a well known one is that there isalways the character that looks in areas that you know not to because something bad is bound tohappen. The separation between male and female tend to be more distinct with girl charactersranging from the good, studying girl to the out all night partying. A guy in a horror movie could rangefrom exercising jock to the guy who has nothing special about them in particular, usually there will bea guy that has a crush on the main character girl or a girl that has a crush on the main character guy.Usually the badly behaving characters die while the good behaving ones will live or defeat the badguy or monster.
  7. 7. ThemesA lot of horror movies will base the majority of the screen time around the gore/jumps/abnormalactivity which will scare the viewer, the colour red makes a lot of appearances and sometimes black,grey and bright light white will show depending on what is happening to the character. The colourscan be added after production through digital editing, with the digital editing you also see the specialeffects like the monsters or the demons that chase after the main character, some movies are basedsolely around the powers of the demon (like poltergeist) and its movies like these that tend to showthe more violent and gory scenes of blood.