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1. Prototype & Testing 2. Former Students of Chiropractic medicine desiring to start their own practice need a better way to establish a path to a successful private practice because a person graduating from Chiropractic school is not certain to have the business skills or finances to ensure success 3. Dummy Share point site 4. What Worked Well Questions What could be improved Ideas Will the school support it? critical What is action learning? Will there be mobile access? What software do I have to have to access it? How do you keep successful practitioners coming back to help the rest of us what is in it for them? Content right on Love the idea of action learning teams to help me solve problems or challenges Great idea to share low cost and chiropractic friendly insurance companies Tied to a grade (A/B/C/D) the last year of school Have students join 2 years before grad once practicum begins Add a contact page (email, phone number) Not sure about blogs they seem to get so opinionated how do you manage the rambling Minimize ads or none if possible (hate them) Can it be tied to Facebook group? Can you just use Facebook group to do this? Keep ads to a minimum or avoid all together Keep it fresh maybe let the seniors administrate the site but not the content 5. Course Curriculum added three test classes to the elective course list Electives Course Number Course Title Credits LectHours Lab E7207 ADAPTING CHIROPRACTIC TECHNIQUE FOR THE GERIATRIC POPULATION 0.75 1.5 E7502 AN INTRODUCTION TO APPLIED ERGONOMICS 0.75 0.75 E7301 CHALLENGING CASES IN A CHIROPRACTIC PRACTICE 0.75 0.75 E7205 CHIROPRACTIC INSTRUMENT ADJUSTING/ACTIVATOR METHODS 0.75 1.5 E7401 CLINICAL IMAGING - A MULTI-MODALITY CASE STUDY APPROACH 0.75 0.75 UGE3710 COMMUNICATION SKILLS 3 E7101 CRITICAL ISSUES IN SOCIAL BIOLOGY 0.75 0.75 UGE3730 ETHICAL FOUNDATIONS 3 TEST1 FINDING A JOB IN THE FIELD E7206 FLEXION DISTRACTION 0.75 1.5 E7304 HIGH SCHOOL PRE-PARTICIPATION PHYSICAL & FITNESS CHALLENGE 0.75 0.5 0.8 E7201 INSTRUMENT ASSISTED SOFT-TISSUE MOBILIZATION (GRASTON) 0.75 1.5 E7501 INTRODUCTION TO OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH 1 0.75 0.75 TEST2 MARKETING FOR PRIVATE PRACTICE UGE3720 PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE 3 E7202 SPECIAL TOPICS IN CHIROPRACTIC DIVERSIFIED TECHNIQUE 0.75 1.5 TEST3 STARTING A PRIVATE PRACTICE E7505 STRESS REDUCTION TECHNIQUES - THE SPIRIT COMPONENT 0.75 1.5 E7203 STRUCTURAL APPROACH 1 - AXIAL SPINAL 0.75 1.5 E7204 STRUCTURAL APPROACH 2 - EXTREMITIES 0.75 1.5 UGE3740 UNDERSTANDING & USING RESEARCH 3 6. Sat down with 2 Chiropractors