History of Standards Based Movement

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1. History of Standards Based Movement Presented by: www.essayshelpservice.com/ 2. Major feature of the present educational landscape in the United States is standards-based reform States have adopted standards Describes the content that students master and schools teach Movement emerged in 1990s. www.essayshelpservice.com/ 3. Required states to adopt statewide academic standards Reasons were to: Modify the curriculum, Change parental attitudes. Create a link between standards in high school and college. www.essayshelpservice.com/ 4. Education summit held in 1989. Summit involved President George Bush Senior National education goals for millennium adopted. Goals mainly revolved around content standards. www.essayshelpservice.com/ 5. Enactment of a standards-based vision under Clinton Administration . Resulted in 1994s Improving Americas Schools Act (IASA). In Bush administration, NCLB (No Child Left Behind Act) passed in 2001. www.essayshelpservice.com/ 6. Challenge To Policy Makers And Educators Content standards might be confused with performance standards. Should have profound changes and systemic reform. Debate on how policies can raise expectations. www.essayshelpservice.com/ 7. Instruction and curriculum are the backbone of the educational process. Reforms happen if there are changes in the content Has to be aligned to lesson and unit plans. www.essayshelpservice.com/ 8. For more information on History of Standards Based Movement visit www.essayshelpservice.com/