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2. I can help in the park. It is not difficult toclean the paths. My friends and I can paintthe benches. I think it is very useful. 3. I want to help the disabled children.Together with my friends I can organize concerts.I also can visit these children, read books to them andhelp doing homework. 4. It is interesting to help in the kindergarten.In winter I want to play snowballs with children, make snowmen andbuild snow hills. In summer I can paint with them andplay football. 5. I want to help at school.It is important to repair books at the library.It is useful to organize parties for younger pupils.It is interesting to decorate school hall before holidays. 6. I live in Matrosov street.I can plant and water flowers in the street. 7. Oh holidays I want to give beautiful postcards tothe old people. I can design and make cards myself. 8. I think it is very important and usefulto give people a helping hand. People cantdo without my help.