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Hayao Miyazaki Japanese film director, animator, manga artist, illustrator, producer and screen writer

Hayao miyazaki

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  1. 1. Hayao MiyazakiJapanese film director, animator,manga artist, illustrator, producerand screen writer
  2. 2. Who is Hayo Miyazaki? Hayo Miyazaki is a Japanese film director, animator, Manga artist,illustrator, producer and screen writer. He began school in 1947completing the first three grades then moving schools to completehis fourth grade, then he went on to Eifuku Elementary School.Miyazaki aspired to be become and manga author from an earlyage. He started reading illustrated stories in magazines andacknowledged the influences of creative arts, such as TetsujiFukushima and Osama Tezuka. It was a result of Tezukas style which influenced Miyazaki, but ledhim to destroy the work he done as he believed he was copying thework of Tezukas. His main inspiration for animation was by The Tale of the WhiteSerprent.
  3. 3. Catalogue of Miyazakis workAs Miyazaki got a job at Toei Animation in 1963, he was able to work on suchtheatrical anime as Watchdog Bow Wow and the TV anime Wolf Boy Ken. Hethen went on to collaborating with long time film company Studio Ghibli, herehe produced such famous anime films as:Howls Moving Castle: Ponyo Spirited Away
  4. 4. What was the purpose of HayoMiyazakis Work and the Influence hehad to Audiences? Most of Miyazakis work had recurring themes such asHumanity's relationship with Nature, technology andfeminism. This shows that Miyazaki supported equalitywithin gender roles as the protagonist of his films areoften strong independent girls or young women. His work, especially his manga reached to world wideaudiences, inspiring many people around the world todo what he does and to believe in what he supportswhich is present in his themes. However the main purpose of his work is to entertainthe worldwide audience he has.
  5. 5. Technique UsedMiyazaki use of animation would almost always usehand animation technique, which would result in himdrawing extensive storyboards.He stated in a recent interview that he will continue touse pencil for as long as he can, also claiming thatcurrent computer graphics are goodbut however can be excessive attimes. Traditional methods of handdrawn animations will always betterbetter in his eyes.
  6. 6. Quotes From Reviewshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obCOSrvn7WkThese reviews are from one of his mostfamous films Sprited AwayI was struck by the quality betweengenerosity and loveIt has its foundation in the traditionalbedrock of animation, which is frame byframe drawingIt is Realistic, changing, detailedmotionNaturally the animation is a joy tobeholdNominated for the best Animatedfeatures by the Boston film critics
  7. 7. After an illustrators career spanning overfour decades, Miyazaki has created alegacy of iconic films beloved by millions worldwide. Films such asSpirited Away is just one example from a list of best films of alltime and Miyazaki is often stated as one of the greatest directorsin history millions worldwide.Influencing such people as the producers of Toy Story whodescribed that when we have a problem and we cant solve it, weoften take one of Miyazakis and look at a scene in our screenshooting room for inspiration.