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Photographic Evidence HaiYing Zhong Class: M Ms: Kara 12/10/2013

Hai Ying - Photographic Evidence

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  • 1. Photographic EvidenceHaiYing Zhong Class: M Ms: Kara 12/10/2013

2. Convergent Boundary Move on the same side. 3. Convergent Boundary MountainsWhen two continental plate come together. The plates push up and form mountains Ep Himalayas 4. Divergent Boundary Plates moving apart. 5. Divergent Boundary Rift ValleyWhen continental plates pull apart they form rift valleys makes volcanoes and new land.(Ep: Esat African Rift Valley) 6. Transform Boundary Plates slide past one another moving in opposite directions. 7. Divergent Boundary Mid-ocean RidgeContinents moving the theory of plate tectonics the crust is broken into sections that move on top of the liquird magma. the continents plate and oceanic plate moving, 8. Transform Boundary EarthquakeCause by movment along fault. 9. Transform Boundary TsunamiHappen under the ocean. Ocean floor moves along a fault creating a wave. 10. Subduction Zone When one plate goes under another plate. 11. Subduction Zone Trench- A narrow hole in the ocean floor at the subduction zone. it has sand in it. 12. Subduction Zone Volcanic Arc- A line of volcanes on land. As the plate moves under thr continental plate. the rock melts and rises. creating volcanoes. 13. Fault Zonethe break in the earths. 14. Hot Spot A part of the mantle is very hot and magma is forced up to the surface. (Ep: Hawaiian Island) 15. Ring of Fire The most earthquake and volcane. - 16. Earthquake and Tsunamic Transform Boundary is the plates slide part are one another moving in opposit divection it cause earthquakes and tsunamic oceans. Earthquake cause by moment along of fault. Tsunami is happen under the ocean, ocean floor moves along a fault creating a wave. In 2004, India plates moving it cause Earthquake and Tsunamic ocean. it's the end of the world. Many people dead in one second. they don't have time to escape this catastrophe.many Indian people lost their home and family. until now still cannot test before the earthquake come.12/20/13