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HADOOP OVERVIEW: SRY IT is a e-Learning Center for different Courses. SRY IT offers its students a range of technical/functional courses in accordance with Course standards. SRY IT Education introduces a new, student centric approach to training: a range of interactive web-based courses designed specifically to deliver effective knowledge transfer whenever it is needed. These courses are targeted to working professionals, experienced consultants, and new graduates. SRY IT provides Training & Placement Assistance. FEATURES OF SRYIT: Course Duration: 60 Hours Access: With 2 months Server access Trainer Details: 6+ Years Real Time Consultant Prerequisites: Any Graduate,It is not compulsory, Freshers also can learn this course. Material: Soft Copy of Training Materials, Session Video Recordings will be provided. After Training: Resume preparation, Interview Questions, Career Support will be provided. Support : 24/7 Customer Support Other Offered Modules: SAP: BPC, BASIS, ABAP,BO ADMIN, FICO, MDM, CRM TRAINING, HANA , FSCM, IS UTILITIES, BO DATA SERVICES, APO..etc DWH: ABINITIO, INFORMATICA, DATA STAGE, AJAX, HADOOP, WEBSPHERE TRAINING and many more Top technologies in the IT Market. Contact us for more details and Session Schedules at: http://www.sryitsolutions.com/hadoop-online-training-in-hyderabad/ Ind: +91- 9948030675, USA: +1563-823-8515 Email: info@sryitsolutions.com, Web: http://www.sryitsolutions.com/


  • 1. HADOOP OVERVIEW SRY IT SOLUTIONS USA: +1563-823-8515 India: +91-9948030675 Email:info@sryitsolutions.com www.sryitsolutions.com
  • 2. Intoduction What is Hadoop? History of Hadoop Building Blocks Hadoop Eco-System Who is behind Hadoop? What Hadoop is good for and why it is Good
  • 3. HADOOP DISTRIBUTED FILE SYSTEM Configuring HDFS Interacting With HDFS HDFS Permissions and Security Additional HDFS Tasks HDFS Overview and Architecture HDFS Installation
  • 4. Map/Reduce Map/Reduce Overview and Architecture Installation Developing Map/Red Jobs Input and Output Formats Job Configuration Job Submission
  • 5. Advanced Map Reduce Features Custom Data Types Input Formats Output Formats Partitioning Data Reporting Custom Metrics Distributing Auxiliary Job Data
  • 6. Distributing Debug Scripts Using Yahoo Web Services Pig Pig Overview Installation Pig Latin Pig with HDFS
  • 7. Hive Hive Overview Installation Hive QL Hive Unstructured Data Analyzation HBase HBase Overview and Architecture HBase Installation HBase Shell CRUD operations
  • 8. Configuration Basic Setup Important Directories Selecting Machines Cluster Configurations Small Clusters: 2-10 Nodes Medium Clusters: 10-40 Nodes
  • 9. CONTACT USA: +1-319-804-4998 India: +91-9948030675 Email:info@sryitsolutions.com www.sryitsolutions.com


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