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Are you a student? Do you think working for Google is a great way to spend your summer? Want to get paid to code in popular open source projects? Google's Summer of Code (GSoC) program could be for you.


  • 1. Your GSOC 2012 Checklistpresentation available at:

2. Overview Background Checklist Questions 3. Background 4. What is Google Summer ofCode?A way to contribute to Free Software: Free Software Projects apply to participate Free Software Projects provide mentors GSOC Students are hired by the Projects Code for the Summer 5. What types of projects?Desktop Operating SystemsWeb ApplicationsContent Management SystemsFoundations (e.g. Connexions, SunlightFoundation) 6. How many participants? last year 175 organizations participated (some organizations will hire multiple students) 1115 Students* participated. *1 Student from the Caribbean Participated 7. Why do GSOC?ExperienceLearningPerspectiveStipend 8. Not all projects are EqualTIPS: Look for Newbie Friendly projects If it requires a skill that less persons know(and you know it) It might be a good idea If you have been contributing to a projectalready see if they will be participating Find ways to contribute to open sourceprojects 9. GSOC 2012 TimelineFeb 7 - Mar 9 - Organizations ApplyMar 16 - Accepted OrganizationsAnnouncedMar 17 - Would be students begindiscussions with OrganizationsMar 26 - Apr 6 - Students submitapplicationsApril 20 - Mentors and Students MatchedApril 25 - Students AnnouncedMay 21 - Begin Code!July 13 - Midterm EvaluationAug 20 - Pencils Downview GSOC2012 calendar 10. What did I do?I worked on the Rhaptos ProjectRhaptos is the project that powers a place to view and share user contributededucational material. collaborative edu development modules courses books 11. What did I do?I worked on the Rhaptos Project Psychic Currency: Tricking out Author Profiles, Content Widget for showing off content, Enhanced Impact Metrics 12. What did I do?I worked on the Rhaptos ProjectAuthor Profile Widget(see screencast: 13. What I did ... contdHere are some of my notes: at least 2 weeks just figuring things outSpent another 2 weeks barking up the wrongtree 14. What I learntXSLTJSONPEXTJSOther technologies that I used:JQueryJSONPythonPlone 15. Checklist 16. CAUTION:THIS IS A FULLJOB PLAN ACC ORDINGLY 17. Checklist Prerequisites Skill and Interest Inventory Keep a Blog Open Source Contribution Identify a project (or two) Speak to project persons early Apply early 18. PrerequisitesWhat you need to sign upYou need to be a student (BSc., Masters, PHd(not sure about diploma))18 years or olderYou dont need to be a computer sciencestudentread all the prerequisites at the GSOC site 19. Skill and inventory listList of what you likeand are good Javascript, Jquery,CSS, Python, PloneYou can use this whentrying to match yourselfto a project. 20. BlogKeeping a blog helps to let people know whatyoure interested in. 21. Open Source ContributionParticipation in the Open Source Community Bug reports Documentation Sample Code (from anywhere, if its usefulopen source it, share a snippet on your blog) Code Contributions bug fixes enhancements 22. Open Source Contribution:How to get involved withPlone1. Join the website (get a user account)2. Chat in IRC ( Use Plone, Learn Plone (try it out, ask questions)4. Submit Bugs via http://dev.plone.org5. Write some code (join Plone Tune-up Days)*6. Read Planet Plone and the Mailing lists. 23. Identify a Project (or two) Browse the projects (filter based on your skilland interest) Select a few and begin to discuss withpersons from the project If you have an idea, also speak to persons inthe project You will need to write a separate applicationfor each project that captures your interest. 24. Identify a Project (or two):GSOC 2012 Plone IdeasYou can get lots more by chatting in IRC Collective Theme manager Improve Zopeskel/Dexterity (codegeneration and development) Roundtrip style development for DexterityPersonal Ideas: A Drag and Drop form builder for YAFOWIL Placeholder Theming System (end ofpresentation has a list of ways Plone could be improved) 25. Speak to Project PersonsEarly If possible, speak to your potential mentor(s) Speak to users of the software about youridea 26. Apply Earlyeach project may have variations to theapplication proces... KEEP IN TOUCH withthem Start filling out the application online (even before you have all your info, the form stays open until the deadline) Read and re-read the projects specific requirements Take time to prepare for interviews 27. Questions?