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  • 1. Google AnalyticsAbsolutely everything you ever wanted to know in 40 minutes

2. What I promise to cover Source/Medium Visitors Flow Social Flow 3. Source/Medium Source where the traffic camefromExamples: Google Search, Yahoo Search,newsletter, etc Medium - Qualifier for Source;Google/Organic vs. Google/Referrer 4. Keyword KeywordThe term or keyword is the word orphrase that a user types into a search engine. 5. New vs. Returning with SourceSourceBlog 6. Audience Visitor Flow 7. Traffic Sources - Social Visitors Flow 8. 4 Awesome Metrics Loyalty - Frequency Recency Length of Visit Depth of Visit 9. Frequency 10. Recency 11. Content Overview 12. Questions Angela BelfordThe Belford Group @angelabelford