Gold changed everything

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This presentation was delivered to the HTAV Middle Years conference 2012 and focuses on the Year 9 Australian History Depth Study, Making a Better World

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  • 1. Gold Changed EverythingMarion LittlejohnEducation Officer Sovereign Hill Museums

2. Session description in programmeFor your depth study Making a Better World, whynot look at progressive ideas and movementsthrough the experience of immigrants on thegoldfields? A study of mid-nineteenth centuryexperiences in Victoria involves capitalism,socialism, egalitarianism, nationalism, imperialism,Darwinism, and Chartism as gold became thecatalyst which transformed lives. Indeed it could besaid Gold changed everything!Year 9 3. Charles Darwin,aged 45 in 1854, by thenworking towards publication ofOn the Origin of Species 4. 1838 Oliver Twist1839 Nicholas Nickleby1841 The Old Curiosity Shop1843 A Christmas Carol1849 David Copperfield1850 began his weekly journal Household Words.Charles Dickens 1812 - 1870