GIS Data Curation in Libraries

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The future: GIS Data Curation in Libraries

GIS Data Curation in LibrariesA panel will explore the future of GIS data curation in libraries. Speakers will address traditional ways libraries incorporate GIS services, how researchers use GIS data through the life cycle & finally the potential/challenge of GIS data curation.

Michael ElliotAssistant Professor of Biostatisticsat SLU

Karen HogenboomNumeric and Spatial Data Librarian at UIUC

Cynthia HudsonDigital Data Outreach Librarian at WUSTL

Jennifer Moore GIS / Anthropology Librarian at WUSTL

Chris FreelandAssociate University Librarian at WUSTL

GIS in Libraries(Karen)Digital AssetsManagementSystems(Chris)

Data Curation in Libraries(Cynthia)Case Study in the Research Lifecycle(Michael)

Curating GIS Data(Jennifer)Discussion and Questions

My Experience as a Public Health Faculty Member Using GIS DataMichael B. Elliott, Ph.D.Assistant Professor

Public Health has a long history with spatial data: 19th century London John Snow

Obesity Trends* Among U.S. AdultsBRFSS, 1985(*BMI 30, or ~ 30 lbs. overweight for 5 4 person)No Data


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