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  1. 1. Cultural Geography Mr. MezaGiovanni MaldonadoPeriod 1
  2. 2. Indian Civilizations in Latin AmericaThree important native civilizations:B. MayaC. AztecD. Inca
  3. 3. MayaThe Maya lived in southern Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. Their civilization was at its peak around 250 - 900 AD.Spanish Conquest: Francisco de Montejo conqueredthe Mayans in 1542.Due to the lack of a large,organized empire, such as theAztecs, the Spanish haddifficulty conquering the Mayanpeople.
  4. 4. AztecThe Aztec lived in central Mexico. Their capital was called Tenochtitlan and it was located on islands in a lake. Mexico City now stands on the ruins of the Aztec capital.Spanish Conquest of The Aztec.The God QuetzalcoatlWhen the Spanish came with their plumed helmets, the Aztecs thought thattriggering an angry God Quetzalcoatl and his white-skinned gods had ireturned toexact revenge as was a superstition that they had. This fear made it easy for theSpanish to colonize them
  5. 5. IncaThe Inca lived in SouthAmerica in Peru andChile. The Inca did nothave a writing systembut they kept recordswith a complicatedsystem of ropes withknots.
  6. 6. European Colonization Latin America was colonized by Europeancountries. Spain colonized Mexico and most of CentralAmerica and South America. Portugal colonized Brazil. The English colonized Jamaica and Belize. The French colonized Haiti.
  7. 7. European Colonization The Europeans converted the natives toRoman Catholicism and made them learntheir languages. The most wide spoken languages are Spanishand Portuguese. The Europeans brought Africans to work onsugar plantations as slaves.