Getting Started with Adobe Premiere Pro

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<ol><li> 1. To begin editing with Adobe Premiere Pro see Editing- Getting Started first page before opening the programme. Then find the programme by clicking on the start icon on Windows. Go to All Programmes and Scroll down to find the folder entitled Adobe Premium Production CS6 scroll down within this folder to find Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (apart from PC5 and PC6 where its CS4). If its a new project click New Project if it is work that has been previously saved itll be in Blue Underlined in the box. The rest of the instructions are for new projects only. </li><li> 2. You can leave all the settings as they are, just put Your Name in the Name box and click OK. Make sure you have chosen Widescreen if you have used one of our cameras, but the programme should correct itself if its a different format so dont worry about this too much. As long as its on one of the 4 options with DV-PAL. Dont worry about renaming the sequence either just hit OK. </li><li> 3. Go to File Import and find any media files you want to edit. They will then index or conform into the programme and when loaded will appear here. Any Videos should be saved in Videos on the computer, any Music in Music and so forth, never import straight from a Flash Drive. Click Open. You will then see them being loaded evident from a yellow bar here. </li><li> 4. Programme in a nutshell. Drag videos into timeline. Any audio from the clip will automatically be connected and put in the Audio if you dont want it right click and unlink then you can click on them separately and do what you want with either sound or video. Razor tool to cut clips. Selection tool to select clips. It wont automatically cut the clip when you click the razor tool like in Pinnacle, itll just change your mouse to enable you to cut where ever you want on the timeline, then go back to selection tool to delete which bit you want. Window on the top bar, shows what you can see in the programme. Here you select Effects and this window will appear. You can pull down any one of these and apply your video. Transitions sit in between two clips just select and drag over to the timeline. Effects can be double clicked when a clip in the timeline is selected or drag over the effect to certain clip. Then go back to Window and select Effect Controls to edit the effect on the clip. </li></ol>


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