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Get Out to Get Them InMarketing Outside Your LibraryTo boost your door count, circ count, database use count, and the use of your library by the have to say sayonara to the libraryWhere is your community?

Are they in offices?


Are they at the grocery store?

Are they at the senior center?

Are they at the beach?

Are they at the bar?

Are they commuting?Things to remember: People will think you are selling something.Its more fun for you and makes you more approachable to bring a colleague (or two).People will be more interested in talking to you at the end of the day, rather than first thing in the morning unless you have free coffee.Think about how your presence can have a positive impact on your host site, so its a win-win situation.

Creat a to-go bag!

How to staff your outreach efforts

Host a block party!Follow me:


Follow the Programming Librarian Interest Group (recognized by ALA):