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Presentation of Libor Kozubik from IBM about integrated energy and transport solution for Smarter Cities.

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  • 1. 1Future trends and market overview in integratedenergy and transport solutions for Smarter CitiesIng. Libor KozubikEnergy and Utilities Sector LeaderIBM Global Business ServicesSmart Cities: Intelligent systems for energy and transportDate: 15 October 2014Venue: Holiday Inn Brno

2. 2The needfor efficiency in buildings is clear2ndReal estate is the 2ndlargest expense on the income statement.50%Up to 50% of energy and water in buildings are often wasted.2025By 2025, buildings will be the #1 consumer of energy.42%Worldwide, buildings consume 42%of all electricity, more than any other asset. 3. 3Thebenefitsare real18% rise in productivityEmployee productivity increased up to 18% on average.91% occupancyHigher buildingusage andre- up rates insmarter buildings.40%reductionEnergy usage reduced by up to 40% and maintenance cost 10-30%.65% of occupantsWilling to help make their workplace more environmentally responsible. 4. 4What are SmarterBuildings ?Smarter Buildings are well managed integrated physical and digital infrastructures that provide optimal occupancy services in a reliable, cost effective, and sustainable mannerSmarter BuildingAre more cost effective by reducing energy and operating costs.Use active and designed-in techniques to achieve efficiency and environmental responsibility.Have the ability to interact with occupants inside them as well as the environment around them.Maintain a safer and more secure workplace.Communicate in real-time to supporting infrastructure ( i.e. smart grid, broadband, etc.). 5. 5Smarter BuildingsIntegrated and optimized physical and digital infrastructures that are cost effective and operationally efficient for energy, water, waste, GHG management and can serve as micro gridsResidentialEnergy Management -Central control and connection of home systems -electronics and community micro grids. Appliancesthat automatically adjust power usage based on grid status.Distribution CompanyDistribution managementEnergy supply chainDistributed storageCentralPower PlantAdvanced MetersLink with power companyEnergy Exploration, Production and GenerationCoal, Oil, GasNuclear, HydroelectricSolar, Wind, GeothermalSolar ,Wind Farms, HydroIndustrial plantsCogenPlug-in Electric Hybrid Vehicle (PEHV) ChargingSmart charging of hybrid & electric vehicles at home and at commercial locationsSmarter Buildings integrate with Smarter GridsAn example of how smarter buildings are a part of a Smarter CityData / C/oudBuilding complexElectric CompanyIntelligent fault managementDistributed grid intelligenceOperations CenterDynamic system control room 6. 6Vision within area of Intelligent Transportation SolutionsNew trends6TRAFFIC PREDICTIONDISTANCE-BASED ROAD USER CHARGINGROAD USAGE CHARGE RATING ENGINEENHANCED OCR ENGINE -LICENSE PLATE RECOGNITIONTRAFFIC VISUALIZATIONASSET OPTIMIZATIONTRAFFIC MANAGEMENT AND ANALYSIS DASHBOARDSVIDEO ANALYTICS AND INCIDENT DETECTIONLARGE-SCALE MULTI- AGENTTRAFFIC FLOW SIMULATIONJOURNEY OPTIMIZATION ANALYTICS 7. 7Stockholm Congestion TaxReduce traffic by 10-15% on the main roadsIncrease average speeds on streets and roadsReduce emissions of hazardous pollutants and carbon dioxideInhabitants should feel that the city environment has improvedMore resources to public transport7City traffic is down by 18%CO2 emissions have been cut by between 14-18%Increased efficiency in the public bus transport operation(by 60,000 passengers per day)[ Source: IBM knowledge base ]Public opinion changed after the pilotAverage number of vehicle passages over congestion tax cordon 8. 8Project e-mobility EDISONIntegration of EV in the Power Grid[ Source: IBM knowledge base ] 9. 9IBM Burlington Vermont USAA SMART EnterpriseWater UseFed from regional High Service3.2 MGD[millionsgallonsperday]] (similarto the City of Burlington)2 MGD Ultra Pure WaterWaste water treatment 3 MGDElectrical Use Transmission Line Fed Own and operate Electrical Grid(similar to a Utility) Peak 65 Mega Watts (larger thanBurlington) 60 miles high voltage lines 136 substations SMART Attributes 60,000 field pts 700 PLCs 75 Work stations 5 servers Advance data analysis Load management Cost Control Quality 10. 10SMART Electrical Grid -Energy Management ResultsIBM BurlingtonVermontQuality: Conform to SEMI F47 Standard and strive for zero impact due to Power Quality Issues to Manufacturing ProcessReliability: Zero manufacturing down time / Continuous OperationsCost: Sustained 4% reduction per yearOverall $10M savedFuel UsageRates: +30% since 2001Usage: -21% since 2001Electricity UsageRates: +19% since 2001Usage: -21 since 2001Plant OutputUp >30% Since 2001[ Source: IBM knowledge base ] 11. 11Advanced analytics(Green Sigma)Predictive analyticsNew dimensions of asset managementPredictive AnalyticsUsing advanced analytics, identify suboptimal equipment settings and issue alert for corrective action.Example: Analytics revealed an air handling unit was operating when the building was unoccupied. The savings from correcting this single issue was $60K per year.Developed with alliance partner, Johnson Controls[ Source: IBM knowledge base ] 12. 12Smart City MalagaIntegration of Smart Grid and Smart City12SmartCitySmart BuildingsSmart Energy GenerationSmart and Informed CustomerSmart MobilitySmart Energy Storage8-15% emission reduction30-50% emission reduction5-15% emission reductionSmart Lighting@Smart TICSmart Energy Efficiency The power gridnetwork as aflexible, highlyautomated andfully integratedcentralizedcontrol features,diagnosis, self-healingandmetering. 13. 13AMIAutomatedMeteringInfrastructure2.000next-generation smart meters based on PLC communication and METER&MORE compliance.These meters will be rolled out in Spain by first timePLCcommunications (electrical grid) and GPRS (wireless)13 14. 14Operations Center of the City of RioReal time video rendering and analysisVideo streaming from subway stations and major intersectionsDeepThunderweather program predicts rainfall across the cityIdentification of car accidentsVisualization of power failuresIBM Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) supports Rio De Janeiros operations[ Source: New York Times, IBM knowledge base ] 15. 15Questions ?Thank you...libor.kozubik@cz.ibm.com