Future: Basic Literacy Meets Life Skills

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This presentation speaks to the instructional pedagogy of the new Pearson Longman program FUTURE. It is an engaging and fun presentation and has been used at numerous TESOL conferences.


  • 1. FUTURE: Basic Literacy Meets Life Skills
    Keith Pruitt, Ed.S.
    Words of Wisdom Educational Consulting
    Sponsored by Pearson Longman

2. To preserve its economic competitiveness and ensure good lives for its citizens, the United States needs to focus on an urgent new mission: reorienting institutions of government, business and higher education around the task of
providing education and training to a new kind of student
the adult worker.
ETS Policy Notes, Spring 2010, 18 (2)
Why is this a concern?
3. Skills and knowledge are the plant and equipment
of todays global economy. A deficit of these forms
of intellectual capital puts an individual, a family, a
community and, ultimately, the national economy
at risk. Michael Nettles
50% "performed below the level considered necessary to fully participate in such a complex society." And what's worse is the projection that by 2030, adults will... be performing at a level 5% below today's level.
ETS Research
4. Future: Basic Literacy Meets Life Skills
Pearson Longman presents a new program that will change that dynamic and allow adult ELL learners to access literacy skills that impact Life Skills
5. What are the key factors in Literacy?
Lets Take A Trip To
6. A Trip to the Planet
Rules of Orb

  • In order to work in Orb, you must speak Orbian

7. In order to work in Orb, you must be able to read Orbian 8. In order to work in Orb, you must be able to write in Orbian


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