Fun with Literary Terms

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Learning Literary Terms

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  • 1. LITERARY TERMS JEOPARDYACE-F M-O P-SQ $100 Q $100 Q$100 Q$100 Q$100Q $200 Q $200 Q$200 Q$200 Q$200Q $300 Q$300Q$300 Q$300 Q$300Q $400 Q$400Q$400 Q$400 Q$400Q $500 Q$500Q$500 Q$500 Q$500

2. $100 DOLLAR QUESTION FROM AA major character who opposes the main character in a story or play.Example: The bad guy that we are against. 3. Antagonist $100 from A 4. The repetition of first consonants in a group ofwords.Example: Peter Piper picked a pec of pickledpeppers. 5. $ 200 Answer from AAlliteration 6. $300 Question from AA reference to something or someone, often literary.Example: May the force be with you. 7. $300.00 Answer from A Allusion 8. $400 Question from AThe overall feeling of a work, related to tone andmood.Example: In Science class you might be talking aboutlayers of gases in the earths . 9. $400 Answer from AAtmosphere 10. $500 Question from AA story in which the charactersrepresent abstract qualities or ideas.Example: In westerns, the sheriffrepresents good, and the outlawrepresents evil. 11. $500 Answer from AAllegory 12. $100 Question from CThe means by which an authordescribes the appearance andpersonality of a person in a story orplay.Example: The way an author describesthe main________ is ________. 13. $100 Answer from CCharacterization 14. $200 Question from CThe point at which the action in a story or playreaches its emotional peak.Example: The most exciting partof the story. 15. $200 Answer from cClimax 16. $300 Question from CTo explain how things are alike.Example: In Algebra, you cant_____apples to oranges or xs toys. 17. $300 Answer from C Compare 18. $400 Question from CThe elements that create a plot. Thiscan be internal or external.Example: This can be a battle or a ____Inside a person or a _____ of a managainst nature. 19. $400 Answer from CConflict 20. $500 Question from CTo explain how things are different.Example: The opposite of compare. 21. $500 Answer from C Contrast 22. $100 Question from E-FThe point of view of a piece ofwriting in which the narratorrefers to himself as IExample: Not the third but the___. 23. $100 Answer from E-FThe First Person Point of View 24. $200 Question from E-FA long poem narrating theadventures of a heroic figure.Example: The Odyssey 25. $200 Answer from E-F Epic 26. $300 Question from E-FA story that illustrates a moral,often using animals as thecharacters.Example: The Tortoise and theHare 27. $300 Answer from E-F Fable 28. $400 Question from E-FA technique in which an authorgives clues about something thatwill happen later in the story.Example: What usually happensafter you hear the music fromJAWS! 29. $400 Answer from E-F Foreshadowing 30. $500 Question from E-FLanguage that does not meanexactly what it says.Example: I am so mad steam iscoming out of my ears!!! If it canthappen then it usually is a _____of speech. 31. $ 500 Answer from E-FFigurative language 32. $ 100 Question from M-OThe use of words that sound likewhat they mean.Example: Ping, Ring, Buzz 33. $100 Answer from M-OOnomatopoeia 34. $200 Question from M-OA comparison that does NOT uselike or as.Example Hes a rock or I am anisland. 35. $200 Answer from M-OMetaphor 36. $300 Question from M-OA long speech by one character ina play or story ( that everyone issupposed to hear).Example: Johnny Carson, JayLeno, David Letterman do this onthe Late Shows. 37. $300 Answer from M-OMonologue 38. $400 Question from M-OA legend that embodies the beliefsof people and offers someexplanation for natural and socialphenomena.Example: The Greek Gods: Zeus,Aphrodite, Athena, Hercules. 39. $400 Answer from M-OMyth 40. $500 Question from M-OA phrase made up of twoseemingly opposite words.Example : Cruel Kindness orDumb Smart or Jumbo Shrimp 41. $500 Answer from M-OOxymoron 42. $100 Question from P-SGiving an inanimate object humancharacteristics.Example: The flames reached forthe child hovering in the corner. 43. $100 Answer from P-SPersonification 44. $200 Question from P-SThe main character of a novel,play, or story.Example: The good guy or thinkabout another meaning of for. 45. $200 Answer from P-SProtagonist 46. $300 Question from P-SThe action of the story thatsummarizes the plan of the mainstory.Example: The basic ideas of astory in the order that theyhappened. 47. $300 Answer from P-SPlot 48. $400 Question from P-SA comparison that uses like oras.Example: Im as hungry as awolf. Her eyes are like the starsin the sky. 49. $400 Answer from P-SSimile 50. $500 Question from P-SA question not meant to beanswered .Example: Why cant you just getalong? 51. $ 500 Answer from P-SRhetorical Question 52. Final JeopardyA monologue in which a characterexpresses his or her thoughts tothe audience and does not intendthe other characters to hear them. 53. Final Jeopardy AnswerSoliloquy