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Fun with English lesson on the terms commonly used in defining fashion.

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  • 1.Fun with English Presented by Lee Ai Wei (MTL Dept, Pioneer Junior College) 22 08 2013

2. What On Earth Are You WEARING?! A (Concised) Guide to Vocabulary used in the FASHION World 3. This shift dress has been with me for decades!I can run a marathon in these flats!What On Earth Are You WEARING? Those cigarette pants look absolutely flattering on you! 4. That pair of sledges does wonders to her legs!She looks gorgeous in that bandage dress! Id die to own those kitten heelsWhat On Earth Are You WEARING? IiI would like to have that in mustard please! 5. In search of the RIGHT colourYellow Pink orange RED Green Blue purple WhiteBrown 6. In search of the RIGHT colour 7. In search of the RIGHT colour I would like to have that inmustard please! 8. In search of the RIGHT colourEmerald is the colour of the year! 9. Simple Word Formation for Fashion Vocabulary Verb + Item of clothing Noun + Item of clothing Character/Occupation + Item of clothing 10. Verb + item of clothing Shift dress Wrap dress Wiggle dress 11. Noun + item of clothing Baguette Bag Spaghetti Top Cigarette Pants Kitten Heels Pencil Skirt Bandage Dress 12. Character/Occupation + Item of clothing Doctors Bag Bankers Shirt Poets Blouse Peter Pan Collar 13. And a few others Flaps Flats Pumps Sledges Oxfords Maxi Mini 14. Lets do a quick recap. 15. Thank You! And do continue to have fun with FASHION.