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This slideshow was created for Joi Ito’s CC photography book Freesouls. The book includes essays from Lawrence Lessig, Howard Rheingold, Yochai Benkler, Isaac Mao, Cory Doctorow, Lawrence Liang and Marko Ahtisaari. It’s not only a book, but also a photos commons project. This slideshow is not only a slideshow edition of the book, but also for a new group on Freesouls ( What is a Freesoul? Are you a Freesoul? Submit a slide with your answer to Freesouls group!

Text of Freesouls

  • 1. free souls byJoi Ito

2. Whats freesouls? Freesouls is a project of photos commonscreated by Joi Ito Lawrence Lessig 3. Joi Ito is not a professional photographer, but isinstead a professional elsewhere, who has usedthe understanding he has gained there to showus the people here. Joi Ito soughtto 4. as an accomplishedphotographer and hisunderstanding of the peoplehe photographed to producehigh-quality digital imagesof these people. Joi woulduse his talent 5. Joi would then make freelyavailable not just in the sense thatanyone could download them 6. but also in the sense that they wereexpressly licensed for anyuse, commercial or not, solong as Joi was givenattribution 7. In a sense the commodification of image-makingthrough copyright threatens to render it acommercial activity, one with no soul.... Joi Ito's collection Freesouls seeks to challengethe anti-image tendency of copyright. Lawrence Liang 8. LawrenceLiang 9. You Can't Own KNOWLEDGE It's time to set property aside, time to start recognizingthat knowledgevaluable, precious, expensiveknowledgeisn't owned. Can't be owned. Cory Doctorow 10. Cory Doctorow 11. It's an impulse to share. It's the energy of the memes that want to bepassed from mouth to mouth and mind to mind. Isaac Mao 12. Isaac Mao http:// 13. human centric model It istime we acknowledge that systems workbest by making work human. Yochai Benkler 14. Yochai Benkler 15. dream aboutfuture cybersociety our tiny subculture might grow into a worldwide,many-to-many, multimedia network of a billion people. Howard Rheingold 16. Howard Rheingold 17. AFreesoul is 18. A Freesoul yields everything toobtain everything. Dominick Chen 19. A Freesoul is all aboutthe unlimited possibilities of our life! Chiaki Hayashi 20. Learning is inherently social,and free souls really grok that. John Seely Brown 21. A Freesoul is one thatunderstands,"If you love something, set it free;if it comes back it's yours, if itdoesn't, it never was." Derek Arnwine 22. A Freesoul is not bound to other'sexpectations of themselves or of the world. Evan Williams 23. A Freesoul is able and willing to travel, play, create, debate,collaborate, annoy, destroy, lie,imply, brand, chat,search, find, broadcast,narrowcast, socialize,democratize, monetize,analyze, proselytize,empower, expand, divert,date, masturbate andparticipate in our new andever-expandingdigital conscience. Adam Glickman 24. A Freesoul is a person whovalues his or her freedom,but also valuesthe freedom of others. Ross Mayfield 25. A Freesoul grapples with the worldas it is given and through the force of mind and spirit perfects that world,however slightly, enriches it with created knowledge Tim O'Reilly 26. A Freesoul is collaborative idealismand participatory culture as a team game. Ben Cerveny 27. A Freesoul contributes fully,knowing fully the cost andconsequences of contributing. Brad Burnham 28. A Freesoul is authentic, welcoming ofdifferences, and naturally generous. John Clippinger 29. Freesouls get a lot of enjoyment out oftheir days, because they know they're involved in something terrific, and theirlives and their work are indistinguishable. Susan Crawford 30. A Freesoul is something we are bornwith, something that is an inalienable partof us. Forever. Yet somethingwe struggle to keep every day. Jun Makihara 31. A Freesoul is all about the unlimitedpossibilities of our life! Chiaki Hayashi 32. A Freesoul is willing to embrace whatthey know and then challenge it. Ken Brush 33. A Freesoul understandsthat potential is boundless. Mallika Dutt 34. To be truly free, one must first set others free. Tim Breidigan 35. A Freesoul understands that images canand do live lives of their own and that sometimes those lives should be free of restrictions and barriers to use. Fred Benenson 36. A Freesoul is reckless with time zones,languages, and identities. Ed Bice 37. A Freesoul believes that the right to share is fundamental to the culture, progressand well-being of modern society. Diane Cabell 38. A Freesoul has become part of the globalmeeting place of knowledge. Veni Markovski 39. A Freesoul is about an ubiquitous curiosity,transcending boundaries of artificiallyimposed categorizations of the world and behavioralpatterns. It is where truly significantvalue emerges to make history. Hiroaki Kitano 40. A Freesoul is untethered from human dramasand in step with the universe, mindful andcompassionate yet at peace. Danah Boyd 41. What is a Freesoul? Submit a slide with your answer now! 42. Are youa Freesoul? Join Freesouls group http:// 43. Thanks to Joi Ito for licensing his photosas CC-BY!His choice of a free licensehas allowed me to created this slideshowwith his excellent photos ." Creative Commons is a non-profit that offers an alternative to full copyright ." http:// / Photos Credit Photos Credit 44. designed by Oliver Ding Subscribe to Oliver Dings slideshow! http:// Slideshare facebook app http:// Friendfeed room: slidesharehttp:// Import this slideshow to Facebookby search tag= freesouls