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  • 1. Food survey JANUARY 2013 Photos by P.Sirel and S.Lepik

2. Toomatare shop in Kose-Uuemisa 3. Food survey in Estonia Students conducted surveys in our local shop about foreign and local traditional food and traditional products. Year 1 - Italian food Year 2 - Romanian, Greek, and Cypriot food Year 3 - Polish food Year 4 - Estonian food 4. In the shop 5. Children said that the task was interesting and rather easy. Only students of Year 2 were very unhappy because they could not find any food from Romania, Greece or Cyprus in our shop. Students of Year 1 said the task was easy because they could see the Italian flag on the packages. Year 3 and 4 had difficulties in finding the name of the country because the print was very small and it was difficult to read the text. A lot of products have the marking MADE in EU. So one cant tell in which country the food is actually made. 6. Italian food by Year 1 7. Italian food 8. Polish food by Year 3 Fruits and vegetables Apples Campion, Legol Onions Grain products Noodles Knorr Muesli Crunchy, Sante Grain flakes Puff Grain rings Ring Different biscuits Oil and cooking fats Margarine Delma Baking margarine EveSol Margarine Rama Milk and dairy products Raw cheese Creme Bonjour Cheese Gouda Ice cream Big Milk, Carte D`or Yogurt Activia 9. Polish food 10. Polish food Meat and meat products Smoked rib Kaarli Bacon Kaarli Smoked ham Kaarli Tongue in jelly Drinks 7 UP Lipton ICE teas Energy drinks Euphoria, Adrenaline, Power Pepsi-Cola Canned food Mexican salad Canned corn Sweets Different sweets 11. Estonian food by Year 4 Dairy products: ALMA- curd creams, small yogurts, yogurt for drinking, unflavoured yogurt, milk, buttermilk, 10% cream, sour cream, whipped cream. FARMI 2,5 % milk, sour cream, yogurt, curds. TERE buttermilk, 2,5 % milk, yogurts for drinking , pudings, curd creams, unflavoured yogurt. TERVIS curds EKSTRA cottage cheese 12. Estonian food Cheeses Saare juust, Hollandi leibjuust, Eesti, Saare kadaka, Prnu, Vene juust, Tartu juust, Vru juust FELIX Sauces for hamburgers and chips. Mayo Jaani, Salvest, Kodune Butter Videks Spreed, Taluvi, Eesti vi, Videl, Saaremaa, Videks 13. Estonian food Sausages and meat products: RANNAROOTSI- sliced sausages, hams, frankfurters, different smoked sausages. RAKVERE frankfurters, meatballs, ham, sausages, chops. SUITSUTARE sausage with cheese, smoked sausage. KAARLI meatballs, sausages, chops. TALL EGG eggs, sausages, hams, frankfurters, chicken filet. 14. Estonian food Grain products: SALVEST porridges HELEN cereals, rice flakes, oat flakes, buckwheat. KALEV wheat-flour, powder for muffins, pancake flour. TARTU MIIL- pizza flour, kama, rice, macaroni. KATI oat flakes, groats, semolina. VESKI MATI different rice, buckwheat 15. Estonian food Canned food: KAPTEN herring filet, smoked sprats. TALL EGG chicken chips, chicken filet. RANNAMISA- canned pork, canned beef, canned turkey. FELIX ketchup, salad dressings, Italian sauce, sun-dried tomatoes in sauce, mustard and honey sauce, garlic sauce, pickles, pumpkin salad, sliced beet root. 16. Estonian food SALVEST - ketchup, Chinese sauce, Thai sauce, Mexican sauce, bolognese sauce with chicken, pickles, green peas, different soups, carrots for salad, cucumber for salad, tomato paste, tomato sauce. OLIVIA rape oil MEIE MARI different jams MESIMUMM honey 17. Estonian food Spices: SANTA MARIA different spices Fruit and vegetables: Carrot, cucumber, cabbage, potatoes, beet, swede. 18. Estonian food Bread: EESTI PAGAR different breads, white bread, barley bread. EURO LEIB different breads, white bread, barley bread. LEIBUR different breads, white bread, barley bread. 19. Estonian food Baked products: EESTI PAGAR blackberry pie, NEIO different pies and cakes. Sweets: Dried fruit, raisins. KALEV bonbons, marmalade, chocolates, marzipans, biscuits. PLVAMAA different biscuits. NEIO plum cake, plaited bun with apples. VIKE VNIK gingerbreads. BALS NACK garlic bread, potato crisps, corn balls, Lottes corn sticks. 20. Estonian food Frozen food: PREMIA ice creams, ice cream cones, vegetable mixtures, meat dumplings. BALBIINO ice creams HRMAVILI frozen vegetables MARJAMAA TALU- frozen berries ESVA fish fingers 21. Estonian food Juices: Aura, Pltsamaa , Largo, treacle, Ice-Fruit, Cappy 22. O Toomatarele Comenius projekti Having culture as a kite, we travel European skies tegevuste lbiviimisele kaasaaitamise eest. Kose-Uuemisa Signe Sirel 03.06.2013 Direktor Sirje Lepik Koordinaator This was the letter of gratitude to our local shop for the cooperation and help. 23. To sum up: The students found out that we have a lot of different Italian food (drinks, pasta, fruits). It was surprising for them that in winter we could buy Italian grapes and mandarines. The variaty of Polish food is rather big (apples, onions, dairy products, margarine, meat products, soft drinks, canned food, sweets). As it was expected the number of Estonian products was large.