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  • 1. An Introduction to the Flip Camera
    An overview of todays session
    In this session we will investigate and gain a basic understanding of the Flip Camera and how we might use it to produce engaging learning content.
    Inbetween this slide and the next we can insert your screen shot of elluminate room and do the navigation thing.
    Presented by Junita Lyon and Kathryn Matthews
  • 2. Participants List
    Leave Room
    White board Tools
    Hands Up, Smiley Faces, Applaud, Thumbs Down
    Text chat
  • 3. An Introduction to the Flip Camera
    Who has used a flip camera?
    Use the green tick or the red cross on the right hand side underneath the participant box to register your vote.
    We can publish results of the poll here.
  • 4. An Introduction to the Flip Camera
    We can then use this slide for people to write on how they might have used the flip camera
  • 5. An Introduction to the Flip Camera
    What is the Flip Camera
  • 6. An Introduction to the Flip Camera
    Why would you use the Flip Camera
  • 7. An Introduction to the Flip Camera
    How could you use the Flip Camera
  • 8.
  • 9. An Introduction to the Flip Camera
    Examples Case studies .
    We could put some links here to examples maybe we could link to some of Dales stuff etc and the ACE ning??
    Could also do a web tour/ application share like we did last night in practice you could show your videos and I could show my fire maze and we could explain how we put them together.
  • 10. An Introduction to the Flip Camera
    Protecting the privacy of students is governed by Australian privacy legislation. The legislation has implications for classroom activities that are related to information about students that is published in digital format.
    ICT information security requires a balanced and integrated approach to:
    • Students, Age , Culture
    • 11. Work practices, Standards and policies
    • 12. Technology Controls
  • 13.
  • 14. An Introduction to the Flip Camera
    Junitas fabulous Flip Blog ! Dont forget to drop by and leave a post!:
    7 things you should know about flip cameras:
    A great site with some really good useful information:
    Coach Carole's wonderful site
    30 Ways to use the flip camera in the classroom
  • 15. An Introduction to the Flip Camera